RS2 permanent station for CASTER


I am planning to have a local NTRIP network, with the RS2+ as permanent stations for EMLID CASTER.

My question is about the conditions of the environment that RS2+ supports.

for example. It must be connected to USB to always have the charge, so is it resistant to rain?

or should it be indoors? some type of material that does not interfere with the reception?

In general, those are the questions about the recommendations to be able to convert the RS2+ into a permanent station. understanding that it must be outdoors.

Greetings, Luis.


There are a few who use RS2 as permanent base like, @davehofer1993.

I would use the 232 port for power as it locks tighter and also can be turned on/off remotely from that port.


We setup ours as a semi-CORS. It uses a mounting system that we use in construction so that the receiver can be brought indoors at night and deployed as needed. Our units can run for 2-3 days so it’s no big deal to bring it back in the house at night to charge. If I need it to run for an extended period of time I just connect a power bank to it. It will run for days. The brass adapter fits snuggly in the 1-1/2 pipe.


Hi @aparicioluise,

Yes, it’s definitely resistant to rain and also dust. To be more specific, Reach RS2+ is IP67 rated. So, it’s perfect for such use-case! We even discussed it recently in this post: Is it possible to use Reach RS2+ as a permanent base?

It’s better to place the permanent base somewhere on the roof, if possible, to provide good satellite reception. And @PotatoFarmer mentioned RS232 port for power supply. I double it because there is a feature to automatically turn on and off the receiver while powered from RS232. Very handy when the receiver acts as a permanent base.


Hi guys,

Wondering if there is any specific external GNSS antenna do you guys recomend for the RS2?

I am looking at leaving the RS2 inside our office and extend out a GNSS antenna to our roof top.

Anyone done a similar setup for RS2 as a cors station?

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Hi Nome, that isn’t possible to connect an external GNSS antenna to either the RS2 or RS2+ receivers. You would want look into using the Emlid M2 for that purpose.

As far as an external choice, there are a couple of calibrated antenna choices.


There also are a bunch of non-calibrated antenna choices out there also.

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Thank you very much mark. Noted. Good thing I also have a M2 I can use for this. Will get the antenna you recommended

Much apperciated


Hi @nome,

I absolutely agree with @mark1st.john. But just curious to know why don’t you want to place RS2 outside?


Hi Svetlana,

It gets really hot and humid here where I live (Samoa). Our experience with 4 other Reach RS/RS+ units we bought is they don’t last long out in the sun with the battery going off so not going to take any chances with this RS2 we bought.

We prefer to have a static base cors station setup and sending correction via NTRIP which our drones can use for RTK. Prefer that than having to setup a base RS2 out in the field everytime we do a drone flight mission which takes up time.

Do you recommend having the RS2 out on top of our office 24/7 as a cors base?


I don’t remember any cases where RS2 experienced issues under direct sunlight. Rather, on the contrary, I know many cases where RS2 shows the stable performance acting as a permanent base.

You actually can use both Reach M2 and Reach RS2. Just wanted to dispel your doubts if there are ones :slight_smile:


Hey Mark
Thanks for these terrific suggestions
I notice you did not include the Emlid M2 antenna.
Is there a reason for this?
I thought that would be the 1st recommendation

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Hi Adrian, the Multi-band helical GNSS antenna offered by Emlid works well enough, especially useful for mounting on a drone. I believe it doesn’t quite offer the same performance as some of the alternate survey grade antennas I had mentioned above. Please see this report by another member ( wizprodChristian Grüner on the forum testing a similar helical antenna vs a Swift 500 antenna.
Right tool (antenna) for the right job - Patch versus helical on M2 for ground use
Of course it all depends on what you need for the type of work you do.
Regards, Mark