Is it possible to use Reach RS2+ as a permanent base?

Yes, it is. With its design and features, it’s a really good choice for such a setup. Judge for yourself: Reach RS2+ has IP67, which means it can be used in rainy weather or dusty conditions; it can be automatically powered on and off from the bottom connector, it’s definitely a must; and the cherry on the top, it has a built-in LTE modem, so you can broadcast corrections over NTRIP without relying on an Internet connection on your phone.

By the way, you can send corrections from your permanent base to the rovers using our free-to-use NTRIP caster, Emlid Caster. If you want to learn more, check our docs.

As you can see all that is enough to ensure a proper setup both in terms of structural and operational reliability. Are you going or already using your Reach RS2+ as a permanent base? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and photos of setups with us in the comments to this post!

And, last but not least, don’t forget to check our previous post to find out what’s behind the difference between single-band and multi-band receivers and how you can get the most out of your RTK setup by utilizing Reach RS+ or Reach RS2+ units.

UPD. Updated the post with the info about the new Reach RS2+ product (18.10.22).


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