RS2 issues with the battery level

I have the exact same issue with my RS2…
Bought and received in October through a authorized reseller in France.
I received it with an empty battery who looks strange at first, but then I noticed 2 symptoms:

  • The battery is discharging itself when off in few days.
  • When I unplugged it after a charge to 50% (status led + reach panel), the next day these indicators are showing 95%.

I also noticed incoherence between % charge indicator and voltage, if I’m right, the charge level of a 2S LiFePO4 battery pack at 6,60V is 70%.

However, Battery led status and reach panel are giving the same information and it’s not reliable in my case. What can I do? Any tips?

Thank you

Hi @benjamin,

First, we need to understand if the device works the expected amount of time. This test is supposed to help with that:

  1. Put the device on an overnight charge
  2. Disconnect it from the charger and keep it working until the shutdown
  3. Generate the Full system report and share it with us

It’s better to share the report at because of the sensitive info.

Most likely, it’s just an indication issue, but I prefer to make sure.

hi @svetlana.nikolenko, thank you for your quick reply.
Sure I will run that test right now and keep you updated when it’s done.

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So after an overnight charge, the voltage is showing 6.6V and charge indicator 100%, battery led status are all on.
The voltage should be at 7.2V fully charged so that’s weird.

Discharge test is running.

I’ll check the voltage too. As long as it increases and decreases steadily, there is no cause for concern.

So, I’m ready to catch your report over email.

Hi @benjamin,

How is the test going?

Hi svetlana.nikolenko,
Sorry for my late reply.

The test works well, I sent you the full report by email just now.

Just received it. I’ll answer your shortly, thanks!