RS2 issues with the battery level

I have the exact same issue with my RS2…
Bought and received in October through a authorized reseller in France.
I received it with an empty battery who looks strange at first, but then I noticed 2 symptoms:

  • The battery is discharging itself when off in few days.
  • When I unplugged it after a charge to 50% (status led + reach panel), the next day these indicators are showing 95%.

I also noticed incoherence between % charge indicator and voltage, if I’m right, the charge level of a 2S LiFePO4 battery pack at 6,60V is 70%.

However, Battery led status and reach panel are giving the same information and it’s not reliable in my case. What can I do? Any tips?

Thank you

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Hi @benjamin,

First, we need to understand if the device works the expected amount of time. This test is supposed to help with that:

  1. Put the device on an overnight charge
  2. Disconnect it from the charger and keep it working until the shutdown
  3. Generate the Full system report and share it with us

It’s better to share the report at because of the sensitive info.

Most likely, it’s just an indication issue, but I prefer to make sure.

hi @svetlana.nikolenko, thank you for your quick reply.
Sure I will run that test right now and keep you updated when it’s done.

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So after an overnight charge, the voltage is showing 6.6V and charge indicator 100%, battery led status are all on.
The voltage should be at 7.2V fully charged so that’s weird.

Discharge test is running.

I’ll check the voltage too. As long as it increases and decreases steadily, there is no cause for concern.

So, I’m ready to catch your report over email.

Hi @benjamin,

How is the test going?

Hi svetlana.nikolenko,
Sorry for my late reply.

The test works well, I sent you the full report by email just now.

Just received it. I’ll answer your shortly, thanks!

Any news about this? seems I’m experiencing similar issues as well.

On 13/11 2021 I’ve put 3 RS2-devices ‘on the shelf’ for a couple of weeks, for longer storage I try to make sure battery has a StateOfCharge between 60-80%.
When I now try to boot these devices, they all have unexpected behavior:
The oldest device was drained (SoC 1%), and needed to be fully recharged.
Also the oldest device shows strange values in the battery-log:

  • the cyclecount suddenly jumps from 17 to 24…
  • it looks like only 1 cell had a significant voltage loss over time
  • I guess there is also an issue with the timestamp of the 2nd sample. Timestamp says it’s data from the time of shutdown/storage, but all the actual data (voltages/current/…) are so close to the measurements since boot. (accoring to the usb- vs charge-current I think the device was charging through the 9-pin cable when shut down)

[2021-11-13 08:05:36,308] [ INFO] — {‘USB charger current’: 0.0, ‘USB charger voltage’: 0.0, ‘Wall current limit’: ‘1500’, ‘USB current limit’: ‘1000’, ‘State of charge’: 73, ‘Charger status’: ‘Charging’, ‘Cell1 Voltage’: 3404, ‘Cell2 Voltage’: 3391, ‘Charge Full’: 5685000, ‘Cycle Count’: 17, ‘Temperature’: 31.2, ‘Charge Now’: 4125000, ‘Charging’: True, ‘Voltage’: 6.79, ‘Current’: 0.57, ‘OTG’: False} (
[2021-11-13 08:05:42,015] [ INFO] — {‘USB charger current’: 2.55, ‘USB charger voltage’: 4.74, ‘Wall current limit’: ‘1500’, ‘USB current limit’: ‘1000’, ‘State of charge’: 1, ‘Charger status’: ‘Charging’, ‘Cell1 Voltage’: 2895, ‘Cell2 Voltage’: 3386, ‘Charge Full’: 4044000, ‘Cycle Count’: 24, ‘Temperature’: 25.5, ‘Charge Now’: 23000, ‘Charging’: True, ‘Voltage’: 6.28, ‘Current’: 1.49, ‘OTG’: False} (
[2022-01-22 07:44:47,539] [ INFO] — {‘USB charger current’: 2.5, ‘USB charger voltage’: 4.74, ‘Wall current limit’: ‘1500’, ‘USB current limit’: ‘1000’, ‘State of charge’: 1, ‘Charger status’: ‘Charging’, ‘Cell1 Voltage’: 2997, ‘Cell2 Voltage’: 3399, ‘Charge Full’: 4044000, ‘Cycle Count’: 24, ‘Temperature’: 27.3, ‘Charge Now’: 40000, ‘Charging’: True, ‘Voltage’: 6.4, ‘Current’: 1.49, ‘OTG’: False} (

The 2nd device (which is a RMA-replacement), has one cell’s voltage jumping up and down, the device refuses to charge (can only boot while connected to USB power supply). (full log was sent to support)

The 3rd device was also completely empty (showed the red led, so I immediately attached the charger.

I’m sure I’ve left all these devices with a SoC of 60-80%, and now they were totally empty.

I’m pretty sure that in the past (1-2 years ago), I could store the RS2 for longer periods without completely draining the battery. (SoC did change, but the device wasn’t empty, IIRC)
So I’m guessing it might be related to some FW-change.
(couple of months ago, I also changed the ‘wake on power through serial’-setting on some devices, but doesn’t seem to be a difference)

Could it make a difference when the device is shut down ‘through software’ versus ‘the power button’?

Hi Andy,

These issues are hardly related to storage. We have some recommendations: you need to charge the device to ~60% and check it every three months. This is exactly what you did. So, it couldn’t lead to battery issues you face.

We also didn’t change anything in firmware or hardware related to the battery behavior.

But I agree there should be something in common as all three devices behave weirdly. I don’t want to post any assumptions now not to mislead anyone. But I’ve answered you via email as we’re already communicating there. Please check your inbox.

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Hi, yes same symptoms! Still loosing at least 50%/month when stored. Hope we will get a firmware update soon to fix that!

Hi @benjamin,

Your case is different from Andy’s. We’ve checked your report, and there were no voltage jumps. Also, your unit works without a power supply, unlike Andy’s one. So, you face a battery indication issue, which is unpleasant to have, but it can be solved from the firmware side. And we’re working on it.

We’ll investigate Andy’s case separately, and I’ll post an update if there is any news.

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I agree that smooth voltage curves are expected, but most of the time charging stops when voltage is > 7V. When charging stopped with voltage <7V, I noticed one of the cell’s was already at 3.6V.
Which I guess is probably why it stops charging, but shouldn’t it continue ‘slow charging’/balancing the cells?)

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We usually don’t provide exact voltage values for batteries you can rely on because different batteries will perform slightly differently. And it doesn’t mean they are faulty. So, I can hardly say something by two values.

The good thing here is that we have an email conversation with you, which means I have more than two values. As I already said, our team and me, in particular, thoroughly investigate your case. If there is something useful for all users, I’ll post it here.

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