RS2 issues with battery

Sorry to hijack an old thread but I’m having a similar issue. Bought an RS2 last month and gave it the initial firmware update and a full charge, then put it away for a few days before taking it out to test it against the equipment I usually hire. It had gone down to 2 dots. I wondered if I’d left it on so thought nothing of it.

A couple of days ago I was preparing to take it out again so did a full charge, then got to site today and it was down on 2 dots again. Am I seeing this same phantom reading problem?

Hi Andy,

Yes, most likely, it’s just an indication too. Didn’t you time how many hours did it work?

We can conduct a test with you to make sure. After the test, I will need the Full system report from you. It contains some sensitive info, so can you email us at right away? I’ll catch your email there.

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