RS2 Battery issues

I’m trying to upload it but this is the message I get at each attempt. I’ve tried several times

May I ask you to use any file transfer service to upload it?


@tatiana.andreeva Hi Tatiana! Have you been able to solve the problem of battery charging? Regards Luis

Hi Luis,

We’ll release the fix in one of the following firmware updates. I’ll let you know once it’s available :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Tatina The battery problem with the new version of rechview has not been fixed

Hi Luis,

We’re still working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine stops at 99% and the last LED continues to flash.
It’s normal ?

Hi @step,

There is an issue with displaying the correct battery status at the moment. We’re working on the solution now.

Hi Tatiana, thanks for the reply. So it’s a software problem and not hardware.


Yes, it’s a software issue.

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Hello @tatiana.andreeva please I’ve sent a complaint via your support channel since Thursday. I need a response but I’m not getting any. Do I have to post it here for a swift response?

Hi Richard,

We try to address all issues within 24 hours on weekdays, but sometimes it can take a bit longer. I am sure someone from our team will get back to you soon via email.

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Thanks, Tatiana already did!

Hi! Today I noticed a problem with the battery in my RS2 (new, bought a few days ago). RS2 was charged to about 60%. I left it for the all night in the box in the car (the temperature was in it about 5 degrees). In the morning I started RS2 and fell into a loop (led from loading all the time blink several times simultaneously).
I turned off the device and during the start-up attempt a red LED lit indicating discharge, I connected the device for charging and within 10 minutes it was already charged to 99%. Something’s wrong. Is the problem with the firmware or battery? I use version 2.23.2

Hi @marcin,

There is indeed a software issue with the wrong battery indication that prevents Reach from being turned on when it shows that it’s discharged. The issue occurs only at low temperatures. We’re working on the fix now.

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I would ask you to fix the problem quickly because I was unable to work today because of this incident. I also noticed a problem with me that describes a lot of people, i.e. my RS2 only charges up to 99%. I checked it on several chargers and cables.

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Hi @marcin,

We expect to have the fix which allows Reach to keep working even if it shows the wrong battery status in the coming dev update. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @marcin,

We’ve recently pushed the dev v2.23.4 update that resolves the issue with inability to turn on the Reach RS2 device when it wrongly shows that it’s fully drained.

I’d like to point out that dev updates are mostly used for testing purposes and aren’t intended for real field usage.

Still, it’d be nice to get your feedback in case you try it.