RS2 Battery issues

One of my new Rs2s battery can not charge above 77%. The other charges up to 99% so I assume it’s ok. I’ve been charging it for over 24hrs continuous. I decided to log some points in about 45mins to 1hrs time for post processing tests this morning and the battery level reduced to 72%. I started recharging and the level started increasing only to get to 77% and not continue furthermore. I think the battery drains faster as compared to the other unit as well.

What voltage is it at when at 77% ?

battery level when I started recharging it at around 8 am this morning

After 11 o’clock, still 77%

Same voltage. I just posted the screen


Hi Richie! There is a problem in the charging of the RS2 batteries. With more than 24 hours of charging it never reaches 100%

Can you try with another charger or another cable?
It seems the current pulls down the USB voltage quite significantly, which could be your issue.

So the USB voltage is lower than expected if I understand you???

@agrimgalina yes the other unit reaches 99% when charging. This particular unit never crosses past 77%

Yes. The USB voltage coming out a given USB-charger should 5.0 volts. It should stay as close to 5 volts as possible, but is usually around 4.6-4.9 volts on arrival to the device, depending on the charger rating and the cable rating.

I tried with several 5 volt x 2 amper chargers, never 100% charge

but you do get to 99%, and not only 77%, right ?

Could it be that one unit accepts the voltage and the other doesn’t because it’s the same charger I’m using for bother devices but one charges up to 99% and the other doesn’t surpass 77%?

That would be guesswork from my part, if I commented on that.
Right now the approach with changing cable and/or charger will get you further.

Ok thanks @wizprod

@richie1aubyn power on a receiver and try to charge it and see if 100 % is achieved from 77 % for a few minutes ( control the charge of the battery by ReachView).

Thing is you have 2 RS2 to compare to using the SAME CHARGER.

One charges fully, the other doesn’t.

I’d email Emlid support with serial number etc and get it replaced.

Hi Richard,

There is an issue with battery status displaying that will be fixed in one of the future ReachView releases.

May I ask you to charge the unit overnight and then test how long it’ll be working to make sure that the battery is fine?

It’d be nice to get a Full system report in PM as well.

Hi everyone,
even my RS2 unit does not charge 100% but 99%.
After a few hours I disconnect it so as not to overload the battery.

Alright @tatiana.andreeva, I would send a full system report to you soon

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