RS2 base and rover losing fix/ stuck in float


Today we had an extremely frustrating day in the field. Set up our base and then our rover as usual (average single over Lora radio to the rover). However we could not obtain fix to save our life. Upgraded to ReachView 3 and that seemed to help for a little while. But our rover continued to gain fix and immediately (within a few seconds) go right back to float. It did that back and for a couple hours before we gave up. Has anyone experienced this issue? We have the latest firmware update (2.25.1 I think it is) and I’m wondering if that’s the problem. We tried rebooting both our rover and our base station to no avail. Any tips or tricks out there would be appreciated. Not sure what we will do if we can’t get fix on our set up.

Try changing your channel frequency. Someone else may be on that channel, either another gps, amateur radio operator, airport etc…

Swap antennas between base and rover. A bad antenna can usually receive but not transmit very well.

Is there a off chance a satellite phone/radio is operating in the area? I would loose all fix when one was operating within 50’ of either my rover or base.

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Can you post your raw files, along with a simple report from both base and rover?

Hi @dsmith,

It shouldn’t work that way. We’ve tested v2.25.1 and didn’t face any issues with RTK performance. I believe there should be a reason for such behavior.

As Christian asked above, could you provide us with the following files:

  • raw data logs from both the base and rover

  • position log from the rover

  • base corrections log from the rover

  • simple system reports from both the base and rover

Certainly can! Should i post them to this forum or send them directly to you

What constellations were you using? If you go all the way down to GPS only and work your way back up you can find if one in particular is dirty. Of course this has to be done at the moment because tomorrow is a new day and conditions may not be the same.


Hey man! Ill give that a shot!

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I was using all of them… was wondering if it had something to do with the firmware. Going to post the raw data and system reports too. hope you are doing well!

I think I experienced the same today!
Excellent SNR on both base and 2 rovers, but remained float the vast majority of time on both rovers.
Running 2.25.1 on all units.

just posted the data in the share link

Hi @dsmith,

Thanks for the logs! I’ll check them and write you back.

Hi Christian,

Would you mind sharing the logs and Full system reports from your units? It’s getting more serious, and the more data, the better.

You can share them in PM.

Absolutely. I have had the units booted a few times since then, can you still make something useful out of the reports? If so, I’ll grab them and send.

For what it’s worth, I had the same issue and it turned out to be I was too close to a powerline, and then I was not clear of the trees. Just thought I’d mention as it perplexed me for a while.
Edit: I was using a Reach RS+ single frequency receiver, which are not as stable as multi-frequency receivers.

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Hi Christian,

Yes, it will be useful after rebooting as well. I’d also like to ask you to record the following logs with the Raw data debug option:

  • raw data logs on both the base and rover

  • base corrections log on the rover

  • position log on the rover

It would be of great help in the investigation. 10-15 minutes will be enough.

Hi @jherbranson,

Powerlines are indeed might prevent getting a fixed solution. Especially if you work with a single-frequency receiver.

You’re right. It’s better to place Reach RS+ under a clear sky view without any obstacles. In such conditions, you’ll be able to obtain the best results.

Yes I have experience exactly what you’ve explained here for the past few days. Even yesterday I was so disappointed. I think it’s a firmware glitch. It’s nothing to do with RV or RV3 softwares.

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I’m running the latest development firmware too. I’ll grab my device and generate the report for upload here

One thing I noticed too is that the corrections received from the base to rover over the Lora radio has drastically reduced in range. I go over 400meters and I receive no corrections at all. I’ve swapped my base and rover units but still same issue. I’ve even tried using my M2 unit to broadcast corrections too. Same results