RS2 as a base external power

I have the CBL 101 wiring harness that plugs into the round 9 pin on the bottom under the black EXT cover, on the other end attached the violet wire to the positive side of the 12v battery and the black, green and red to the negative.

The RS2 operates for a day then the internal battery is dead and it shuts off.

Why won’t the RS2 draw voltage from the deep cycle battery and a solar panel it’s connected to?

You only need to connect two wires. The purple wire to the positive contact, and the red wire to the negative contact. Try this

RS2 as a permanent base station, how to supply constant power - #9 by geotimege

I’ve had this setup running 24/7 for 3 weeks now.


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I would like to ask for the Full System Report and the date/time the unit was charged using the external bottom connector so that we can investigate more about it. The Full System Report contains some personal information, so we’d like you to send it to

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