RS+ 27 Beta 1 issues with a Fix

Asi es el fix lo agarra muy rapido, pero a los 10 o 15 min se apaga el Rover, y batalla para encender y agarrar señal de satelites de nuevo. despues de 3 o 4 intentos funciona de nuevo y el fix lo agarra al instante pero se vuleve a apagar, yo mejor me regrese a la 26.2 que esa si esta trabajando excelente, mi equipo es un Rs+. probare la 26.3

Hi Gabriel,

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Updating the firmware is most likely a coincidence. Reach RS+ may unexpectedly turn off if it overheats. Overheating is usually related to inappropriate survey conditions. However, we need to confirm it first:

  • You’ve mentioned it was difficult to turn on the unit. What behavior did Reach show exactly?
  • What was the environmental temperature?

Hi, no, no was overheating, temperature was in 35 C, and the rover turn off several times, in 10 or 15 min lapses, later i reinstall again the firmware 27.1 and happen the same situation, better i resset to anterior version 26.2 and i no have any problem again. me keep in this version, until out other most stable.
when the rover turn off was difficult turn on because no responding while i press the power button i wait until varios minutes and turn off again.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for providing the details!

By any chance, have you generated the Full System report on your Reach when it showed malfunctioning behavior? It could be useful for the issue investigation.

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