26.4 firmware

Buenas Tardes! me podria pasar un link para descargar la version anterior 26.2 o 26.4 de los archivos de imagen asi los instalo, tengo un problema similar. Gracias

Hi Dario,

There’s no way to download and install outdated firmware on your devices. This leaves you without the latests updates and fixes. It’s never a good idea to avoid the latest features - they are usually there to improve your experience and solve the issues.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your devices, we’re always here to help you to solve them quickly and once and for all. You can describe them to us via support@emlid.com email or create a thread on the forum. We’ll make sure your unit is working greatly on the latest firmware, no resets needed.

P.S. Just want to note that the main part of this forum is in English :slight_smile: Please use it next time so that more users can understand you and help you. For now, I’ve moved your request to the Spanish section.

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