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How can i get the v.26.3, i search in the base of emlidweb and i don´t Found it
i want to get back the version because i have the same problem, but i don´t have the v.26.3

Hi Nelson,

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There is indeed no way to find the 26.3 firmware version for Reach receivers. We don’t support getting back to outdated firmware: it robs you of the new features and the latest improvements.

So now let’s investigate the issues with the solution you have. Usually, they happen because of a small error in the settings or difficulties with the hardware setup. All of it can be easily resolved.

So to help us to understand your case, please give us the following info:

  • what receivers you’re working with and what firmware they run on
  • what environment you’re surveying in
  • what correction transfer method you use (LoRa radio, NTRIP, etc)

The things to check straight away:

  • unit’s placement: it should be in an open environment as described in our guide
  • the baseline: no longer than 10 km for single-band and than 30 km for multi-band
  • the line of sight if you’re using LoRa: LoRa transfers corrections up to 8 km only if the line of sight is present
  • RTK settings: this is an example for the single-band receiver

Keep me in the loop on whether it helps you!

You can only backdate to the last stable version which I think is 27. something.

Which receiver are you using?

Here is the link to the Reach Firmware Flash Tool for the RS2


And here is the M2 link


I think it is the same software regardless as it makes you select which model you are flashing before it downloads the latest stable release.

I´ts the reach rs+ in the v27.1, and the problem no is the environment or the distance, and i working in the correction LoRa

My problem is when i put the base to collect, after i do the connection with the rover, and i have the problem after a few minute the base or the rover started to restart

I see! Well, we still need to understand the environment you work in. With it, we can determine if it can affect the unit’s behavior.

Also, the reboots are visible in the Full System Reports. If you generate them on your units, I’ll be able to find the reason for the shutdowns in them. So please share them with me in PM or via support@emlid.com. They all contain rather sensitive info so I’d encourage not to share it publicly.

i send, the report thanks for your help

Sorry, you must have posted while I was doing mine. I hit reply then closed the window.

Hi Nelson,

Indeed, I can see it in the emails! Once I’ve checked it, I’ll reach out to you.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

No worries :slight_smile:

Hi Nelson,

We’ve moved our communication to the emails to avoid sharing any sensitive data publicly. Did you have a chance to check my questions there?

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