Rover is not receiving corrections

My rover and base are about 3 meters
And rover is not receiving corrections (3.0 MB) (3.1 MB)

I have never been really pleased with the distance
But now it is not working at all
I have attached the completed report for both
Any help would be greatly appreciated


See Corrections cannot be received by the RS2+ rover when using hotspot mode & firmware v30.2

It makes no difference if i use hit spot or a wifi
In the past i used hot spot with no problems
Is there any way to go to a older version

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Hi @tjulie926,

I checked the reports from your RS+ receivers. I see that the base has the coordinate entry method set to Average FLOAT with the averaging time set to 10 minutes. In such a case, the base will send the corrections only if it’s in FLOAT solution and the 10 minutes of averaging have passed. I suppose that it can explain why your rover can’t get corrections.

Can you please try setting the Coordinate entry method to Average SINGLE with Averaging time set to 2 minutes and check whether the corrections are coming in such a configuration?


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