ReachView v2.2.7

Hey everyone,

A new ReachView update is out. We’ve started shipping the shiny new Reach RS and user feedback is already coming in. Thanks for the fast reports! If you have ReachView v2.2.4 or later, then you should receive a notification inside ReachView the next time you boot your receiver.

Also, our new beautiful docs are live! They include both Reach RS and ReachView 2 which is officially out of beta. A big thanks goes to @igor.vereninov and @dmitriy.ershov.

New features

  • RCH-558 RCH-348 3G/LTE USB modem support

Reach now includes drivers for USB modems. You can configure the modem on your PC and then just plug it in your Reach via the OTG cable. Overall, usage should be seamless, but Linux might not support every device you try. We’ve had a chance to try the following two models: ZTE MF 823 and Huawei E171. Feel free to share your results, so we can expand the list of tested modems.

Bug fixes

  • RCH-592 Fixed an app crash, which happened if you turn off the base output configured to use LoRa
  • RCH-529 Reworked USB-OTG on Reach RS. It didn’t function properly on the pre-production units, but now those days are in the past.

Stay tuned, as more updates are coming!


@egor.fedorov RCH 592 has new issue.

1.) Base collects samples and has position
2.) Enable base corrections outbound via LoRa using default channel 868, select 2kb from the drop down, hit apply, not enabled
3.) Refresh screen, drop down prompts to select speed, and speed values are grayed out and not selectable

The new docs look amazing! I read the RS docs start to finish and even spotted a couple of new features I am excited about. Great job guys!


What are your RTCM3 message settings?

The air rates gradually get greyed out, as you select more RTCM3 messages for output. The more you select(including frequency), the less choice you have in terms of air rate, which also affects maximum range(the lesser the further).
It is possible to choose a message combination that will be too much for all LoRa air rates, however it’s usually impractical.

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Here are the steps and screenshot links of the steps. The first are the base system, and then the rover system.

Base steps and screenshot images
Base mode
Enable corrections output
Select AirDataRate
Applied response
After apply, drop down is grayed out
Status prior to moving outside
Status after moving outside
Base mode after moving outside
Select AirDataRate after moving outside
Select Disable corrections output
Result after hitting apply
Result after hitting cancel
Select TCP
Result after hitting apply
Again, selecting disable corrections output
Result of disable corrections
Select enable base mode corrections with TCP
Selecting LoRa
Selecting AirDataRate

Rover steps and screenshot images
Correction input
Status prior to moving outside
Status after moving outside
Correction input after moving outside


Thanks, great new features again!!!

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Just for the record :slight_smile: You have selected all rtcm messages at 5 hz. They will not fit in LoRa. This is why all speeds are grayed out.

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Just as @igor.vereninov said, This is all due too much messages selected. We will add a warning for this case

Thanks for thorough report

Noted. Always be learning. LOL

Noted. Always be learning. LOL


The stopping/starting/restarting of LoRa is still glitchy. Need to switch to TCP, apply, disable, then apply works.

How would you describe glitchy? Does it not turn off?


Just attempted to reproduce the glitchiness and not able to. The steps taken previously required switching to a different output method(TCP), applying the new output method(TCP), then disabling correction output would completely disable.

Can you please answer the question if you will add “differential age” and “AR ratio” to ERB binary protocol ?

It would help a lot in the ArduPilot integration.

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When lora will be added in emlid store?

Hi everyone,

i tested Reach as a rover with LTE USB Modem (ZTE MF 823) via OTG. Seems to be some issues with it: When connecting the USB Modem to Reach the SNR from all Satellites falls immediataly to Zero after the Modem builds up a connection to the Internet. If i unplug the Modem from reach, SNR from all Satellites are comming back. I use NTRIP for correction Input. When disabling correction Input in ReachView, i can connect the Modem without loosing SNR.
I tested the modem on an USB-Port of a laptop and the modem works like expected.
I`m using ReachView v2.2.7


How is your Reach connected to the Internet before you plug in your modem? Also, does it require any configuration on your laptop?

Hi Egor,

Thanks for response.
At first Reach is connected via WLAN to the Internet. That works fine.
When i connect the modem and WLAN-Internet-Connection is also available, everythink is ok ( I think, that reach prefers the WLAN-Connection instead of the USB-Modem). But when i disable the Wifi in ReachView (or switching reach to Hotspotmode) i thought Reach have to use USB-Modem. In that moment SNR crashes to zero.
The USB-Modem works without any configuration on my Laptop. I only removed the pin-code from my sim-card so that internet-Connection will established automaticly.