Reachview App, Tone after measurement duration

Hello everybody.
I wanted to inquire whether it would be possible to implement a tone in the RV app after the measurement.
If, for example, I have entered a measurement duration of 5 seconds, a tone is emitted on the mobile phone, tablet or similar after the measurement has taken place.
That way I would know better when I can move the stick again.

If that is also interesting for you then please with the heart


What are you using as a data collector? Phone or a tablet? If so, their clock function already has a timer, just hit the switch app button.

Was ist die Switch-App Taste ?

It is available on all Android devices. You tap it twice and it goes to the last previous app. I don’t know if iPhone has this function as I only have my wife’s old iPad and seldom use it. If not, they should. It is a great function when using multiple apps.

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Thanks very much.
But I don’t understand what this has to do with a tone after a measurement has been made.

Set your timer for the length that you want to measure and hit record/switch app/timer start, when the timer goes off, move to the next point and start the timer again. Unless you reset it, it comes back with the same amount of time, just hit start. The tone or alarm would be the OK to move sound.


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Of course a tone after the measured point has been stored should be a must.
A “main feature” for the reachview3 app.


Hi everyone,

We indeed received such requests before. Sound alerts in ReachView 3 will be implemented one day. I remember this thread and will post an update here as soon as I have it!

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Hi guys,

We’ve just released ReachView 3 6.14. The app now indicates with the sound when a point collection is finished. We’re looking forward to your feedback!


that’s really good.
thank you

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Thanks emlid for the audio implement it’s a big help… the only down side is despite full volume of the cellphone it’s barely noticeable just hope there’s a way to increase its volume.

Thanks a lot…

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Hi @rbbarral,

Do you have iOS or Android?

Android ma’am

Thanks! I’m going to check if it’s a common behavior. I’ll keep you posted.


The sounds are pretty loud on Android phones I tested :thinking: I suppose there may be an individual volume setting for ReachView 3 app. I’ve found the tutorial. I know all Androids differ, but you can give it a try.

Thanks for the response.

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