ReachView 3 Update: Redesigned Settings View

Hi everyone!

Today we want to share some news on ReachView 3. Thanks to your feedback and shared use-case scenarios, the app’s latest update to version 7.10 brings a redesigned receiver’s settings view. Let’s have a closer look!

Set up RTK connection without effort

To make the interaction process with the app even more intuitive, we put the most frequently used settings right on the Receivers screen under the cell with the connected Reach. What’s more, we’ve renamed the Correction output section to ‘Base output’ and the Base mode section to ‘Base settings’.

Change receiver’s settings in one place

The Settings screen was also rearranged to save time searching for the required option. Now, the Receiver info section includes not only the data about your receiver, but also Receiver and hotspot name. As to the Restore initial settings option, you can find it in the Troubleshooting section.

Identify your receiver immediately upon connection

And the cherry on the cake, now the receiver blinks every time you connect to it. If you need to flash LEDs during a survey—tap the cell with your receiver’s name on the Receivers screen and get access to the Flash LEDs button.

Don’t forget to update your ReachView 3 to get the most out of it! Test new features and keep track of the improvements we bring in. By the way, recently we redesigned the survey tools and updated them based on users’ feedback:

  • Now, ReachView 3 shows the total distance value next to the rover icon on the map during the stakeout process.
  • It is possible to scroll the buttons above the Collector tool to the right to check the real-time coordinates of the receiver.

We also added new search options in the list of coordinate systems for your convenience:

  • Now, ReachView 3 has a list of verified coordinate systems and new search options by country and name of the coordinate system.

That’s it! Share feedback about your experience with ReachView 3!


I was just surprised by this, lol. Looking good! Now I just wish I could get my profile to log in.


Was looking good
Now looking even better


Hi everyone
Nice update…
How ever sounds menu do not appear for RS+.

Just wonder if the sound for data collection is still available.
Get to try it today… how about the fix sound will it be available for RS+…



RS+ has a speaker?

Hi Adrian.
RS+ do not have speaker.
It’s the collector that gives the sound like during collection after reaching the set time for measuring a sound is emitted.

It might be possible for Emlid to program a sound when it fixes also during setting or layout​:thinking::relaxed::thinking::relaxed:


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Really enjoyed this update. Makes everything easier on the field!


Perfect new features. Thank you very much!!


Hi guys,

Thank you a lot for your warm feedback :relaxed:

Mon, yep, sounds in the ReachView 3 for points collection should work fine. I checked them just yesterday. Have you tested it? Does it work for you?

Do you mean sounds when the device gets or loses Fix, like on Reach RS2, but via the app?

Hi Julia,
My rv3 sounds’ off during collection no problem with that.

My request is it would be possible when it fix or float.

After update to 7.11, no coordinates are visible.



Hi Julia

Yes, it would be of great help. A sound thru the App if it fixes, and during layout when point is finally located.

It’s wish list.

Thanks alot for the assistance…


Hi Mon,

Got you! I’ll note your requests and pass them to the team.

Sorry, what do you mean? Can you please share a screenshot of it?

Hi Julia.

Went to the field yesterday.
The coordinates are back on the screen during point collection.

By the way is it possible to put a project name on log files.

Thank you.


Hi Mon,

Great! Thanks for the update.

You can add the marker name to the raw data log in RINEX format. This option is available in the Raw data settings:

Is that what you mean?

Thanks for the response.
I’ll try it in the field first the came back to you…


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Snr bars reachview 7.12


Deal! I’ll be waiting for news from you.

stakeout lines please :blush:

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Yep, happy to say that this feature is out :tada:

And more are on their way!