Reach v2.7.4 not connecting to WiFI access point on restart

Hi All,

Since updating my Reach devices to v2.7.4 when the Reach is powered off, they no longer pick up the Access Point I have set up on reboot.
They do connect to the hotspot ok.

To get it going, I have to use the hotspot connection and then manually connect to the AP that is already in the list manually.

Usually, if the AP is available, (and it is) on reboot, it starts up and connects to it, without going to the hotspot.

I know we had an issue with this in earlier versions but this was fixed.

I am wondering if anyone else is having the same sort of issue as I am.

I have some Reach RS as well and today I updated these from v2.7.4 to v2.8.0 and they boot ok directly into the AP and it did this also on the older version too.

Any assistance would be great.


old problem - thank you also for reporting…

emlid is working on it…

and here


Don’t think it has something to do with v2.7.4. However, we finally managed to reproduce this error. One of our engineers is looking into it at the moment.

Ok Thanks for the feed back.

I look forward to the fix as it is very annoying and costs me a service call each time to fix it at a site we have Reach.


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Has this issue been resolved? Still having issues with reach rs not connecting to wifi straight away automatically. Have to connect and shift to wifi manually which is painful.


Error is still alive …

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