Reach RS2 as base and Reach RS + as Rover Ntrip Accuracy

I want to know if the Reach RS2 base can be set up as an NTRIP Caster and a Reach RS+ be used as a receiver to receive corrections via NTRIP. What would be the accuracy on this?

It depends on how far from the base position you are. This is called the baseline. Inside of 10km you should be able to achieve +/- 2cm with the RS+ and the further away you are you will lose a little. In general I have noticed about a 1cm/10km loss but have also noticed that it is dependent on my data connectivity quality as well.

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Thanks, I just wanted to confirm this as from what I gather from reading in this forum, the Reach RS+ used as a rover with a RS2 as a base is no different than using two Reach RS+ Units. However it does not specify its accuracy when using it via NTRIP in RTK or via LoRa in RTK. Im keen to know what the accuracy differences maybe.

Hi @alwinkomolong,

Yes, you can use RS2+ as the base and RS+ and rover. Since RS+ is a single-band receiver and RS2+ is a multi-band receiver, this setup will allow you to work with L1 corrections.

As @michaelL mentioned, RS+ maximum baseline is 10km. So if the baseline is less than 10 km, both those setups will give you cm-level accuracy.

When choosing between Emlid Caster and LoRa, you need to also consider 2 parameters: internet connection and environmental conditions. If, on location, there’s a poor internet connection, you would need LoRa, but LoRa radio also requires a line of sight and an absence of radio interference. We have a support tip that explains this question further.

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