RS2+ and RX are offline in Emlid Caster

Hi olestra
I have a question regarding this style of set up as well as I’m am running a rs2+ as a permanent base and sending Emlid caster corrections to a rs2+rover and a rx which was doing well until a week or so ago and it became unavailable so I looked into our office Internet which was a distance away from the base location so went with a SIM card in the Emlid base and a SIM card in my android controller and haven’t been able to see the caster go online on the mount point site. Is their a issue to be aware of


Hi @jamieta1,

We are receiving similar reports and currently investigating them.

Can you send me Mount point names (MP____) and your email? You can send this information privately to

Can you still get corrections from the mount point?

Hi olesia no I can’t seem to get online will try tomorrow again but will send my mount point to be checked

You can check if your mountpoint is online here. Might just be the UI and your rover will still receive data.

I thought that but the rover was spinning waiting on corrections will try again tomorrow and see

@jamieta1 @jamie1,

Our development team has made some changes to Emlid Caster. Can you check if you can see your Mount Points online now?

Will get set up this afternoon and give it a try


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Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to follow up: is Emlid Caster working for you now?

Con mucha intermitencia ahora.

Hi olesia
I’ve been using another caster I will try
Emlid and see what happens if I can see the mount points

Thank you, Jamie.

Keep me posted!