Reach RS - LoRa specs

Hi EMLID team, do you have any more details about the LoRa of the Reach RS. Which module do you use? Which specs it has?

LoRa 868/915 MHz radio

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One of the embeddable oem solutions, it will be available in our shop in some time.
Frequency range is from 862 up to 1020 MHz, tx power from 6 and up to 20 dBm.


Hi Mikhail

any news on that subject in the meanwhile? Is there a raw ETA when a solution will be out?

Regards Valentin

@wittich sorry for a delayed answer. Unfortunately, there’s still no ETA, and most likely it will not be available till the end of the year.

Hi Mikhail,
Do you have any advance or ETA for LoRa Accesory to connect Reach modules to Reach RS?

LoRa radio module for Reach M+ is expected to available in June/July.

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Thanks for the information. And would it be compatible with Reach modules or just with Reach M +?

It will be compatible with Reach M+ (there are some limitations on Reach).

Ok, thanks again although is a little bit disappointing not to get the reach modules working with with LoRa

If Emlid is not going to offer a radio compatible with Reach modules, perhaps you could then share what specs in a radio users should look for?


Unfortunately, it is a little bit more complicated than that.
I’d like to remind that Reach can work with radios connected to the UART port that support simple serial input/output such as 3DR Radio.

I have just started using RFDesigns RFD900X radios. They worked right out of the box. Have not tried them for any distance yet.

What about Reach RS does it work with the new module?

@ox3hi Reach RS has LoRa radio built-in and it is inter-operable with radio module for M+ as well as Reach RS+.

Yes, I know that RS has LoRa radio built-in. I have two of them, and now I know that the new mondul can be used with them, I’m thinking of making a base for them with a Trimble receiver.

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