LoRa radio module for M+

I have just entered in the Reach word, so sorry for any silly question.

Any news about the LoRa radio module for M+?

There are any powerful LoRa radio (available on the market), that can be suggested to be ploughed to reach m+, to communicate with LoRa radio present in Reach RS+?

I would like to build a fixed BASE for our research farm using reach M+ and a powerful LoRa so it can communicate with Reach RS+ as Rover in the fields.

(I hope this is the right discussion to pose these questions, in case it is not, sorry in advance)

See this thread for details of the LoRa modules…

Hi @lapominni,

LoRa radio for Reach M+ will be implemented, however, we don’t have an ETA when we’ll release it.

External LoRa radio won’t work with LoRa radio built-in Reach RS+. LoRas from different manufacturers may be partially incompatible with each other due to the different firmware abilities. Because of proprietary firmware, they also have different configuration interfaces.

So in the meantime, I recommend you to use any external radios for RTK communication such as 3DR or RFD900 between RS+ and M+ units.

Do you have spec. for 3DR and RFD900? Is it 2W, 30W radio…? What is the max. baseline it will work?


Usually, the baseline doesn’t exceed 10 km. However, it depends on a radio manufacturer, so I can’t provide you with some special details.

could you provide info about external radio system that work with Reach RS+?

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

I hardly can recommend your something certain. Any 3DR or RFD900 radio should work fine with Reach RS+.

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