'Reach not set up' cyclical connection issue/cannot export

Chiz, I know it’s frustrating for you… It was for me due to my hard headiness in being an old fart of 63 years old and licensed professional Land Surveyor and not following instructions.

Follow this link to Polina’s instructions precisely, it’s about halfway down in the post:

As far as I understand, you want to update the rover. So, yes, you need to reboot the rover.

If you’d like to update the base, you need to go through these steps as well.

I’ve recorded the screencast with the workflow. Your Android device interface may differ a bit. However, there should be the same settings.

Thank you, I have tried that and it did not work. Same issue. If the instructions were precise for someone who doesn’t know their way around Emlid kit, then that would help. Step by step instructions need to assume nothing and set out everything. Give me a Leica, Trimble or Topcon and I’d have a chance

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Thank you, is there meant to be sound on that?

Hi Chiz,

The screencast was recorded without sound. If some step requires additional comments, please let me know.

You can record the screencast of your actions as well. I’ll check what might go wrong.

Sorry, been a bank holiday here. Back on it now. Can I get a proper step by step guide to the process, with either verbal or text description?

Hi Chiz,

Please record a screencast with your step-by-step actions. It will help me understand which step causes difficulties and provide you with more info.

Thank you, unfortunately I haven’t been given any detailed instructions to follow, so that will be quite difficult


You can follow the steps Julia provided here:

Please record the screencast or specify which exact step causes difficulties.

Thank you
Please see my earlier replies to these steps, and how they didn’t work


We’re also communicating with you via email. I’ve just answered you there. Let’s continue the discussion via email to avoid confusion.

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