Reach M2 and ethernet adapter

I just bought a d-link ethernet adapter as adviced on the forum, plugged it in a reach M2 but it looks like it doesn’t see any cable network.
Should it be just plug and play?
How can i check if the interface is up since i don’t have root access to the system anymore?
Does an ethernet page or option pop up in reachview?
I am using latest dev.

A lot has changed since I posted about the D-Link DUB-E100.

That was 2 and a half years ago!

As you already know, without root or sudo, you can’t manage network interfaces from the command line, and there has never been GUI support for wired Internet config in ReachView. If it doesn’t magically ‘just work’ then I’d say that this topic is a candidate for a ‘feature request’.

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This comes straight from emlid, i know is old but it never got corrected, so one assumes it still works and buys what they said they tested. I also went trough release notes and they never claimed to have removed ethernet otg support. So either they did it without a notice or is still there. Too bad i can’t login to check what is going on.

Yes, but back in that time, the support that was being confirmed was ‘device driver support’, not ‘network configuration support’.

So, while driver support may or may not still be there, what you are lacking is ‘configuration support’ for wired Ethernet. That would be a new feature that could be requested.

I think that kind of feature would not be used by many people, but it would be of benefit for certain permanent installations.

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