Reach Firmware 30 Beta 3 is out

Does anyone have issue that we could not start Logging in M2?

Try reseting the receiver to factory default. I had logging issues with my RS2 and that fixed it. Perhaps it’s the same issue with the M2 latest firmware?

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I did. I cannot find the exact post, but it is a known issue. I believe mine was fixed in the REACHVIEW 3 app by going to “Settings” > “Troubleshooting” > “Restore Initial Settings”


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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

There’s a bug that could prevent you from enabling logging on Reach. You can reset the setting to default to solve this as the others suggested. We’ll fix this behavior in the next firmware version.


YES! I had this problem today which was very problematic as it changed my whole game plan. The button to record the logs provides some feedback that it has been clicked but it never goes red indicating that logs are being recorded. I tried on both Android and iOS with no luck.

Hi Tim,

Please go to Settings - Troubleshooting - Restore initial settings. It’ll resolve the issue with the correct logging start. We’ll fix this in future updates.


Thanks. That worked. I wish I’d been able to find that fix on the day!


estou esperando a 2 anos essa ferramenta para estaquear linha

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for the feedback on the 30 Beta 1 release! Today we introduce the new version of Reach Firmware - 30 Beta 2! It contains some important bugfixes and provides more stability


  • Fixed issues with starting logging after firmware upgrade
  • Fixed some cases with corrupted raw logs on immediate shutdown
  • Fixed some issues when corrections weren’t transmitted over LoRa after booting
  • Fixed rare cases when Corrections Input or Output settings were changed after reboot
  • Fixed broken styles for the “downgrade to stable” panel
  • Fixed adding a Wi-Fi network without a password
  • Hid scrollbars for the main blocks of the Reach Panel and fix its style
  • Prohibited device names that start or end with a dash symbol
  • Don’t emit base corrections until base coordinates are averaged, or set manually
  • Fixed some cases with corrupted raw logs on immediate shutdown

Does it mean, the raw file will be properly save even Reach is stuck and we need to force shutdown?

In some cases yes. This fix should cover cases with zero-sized archives.


Hello everyone!

We’ve just released the new Reach Firmware 30 Beta 3!

In this version, we updated an IBGE logging preset to contain GPS and GLONASS satellite systems and made several internal stability improvements.


Seriously! Just updated to 30 b2 this morning and was immediately prompted for b3, lol. Вы все безумно хороши!

I have no idea how that is going to come across. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hello ! Are these Beta versions dev or stable?

They are presumed mostly stable, and are released early for everyone who wants a sneak peak to help find bugs.

If you need stable release use stable release.


Hi Luis,

Beta releases are dev updates. We surely test them before rolling out to ensure they work fine, but still, I wouldn’t recommend using them for a field job. They are mostly intended for early access to try new features.


Thanks, I don’t use dev versions.
I’m using version 29.2

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Is there any forecast for availability of version 30 stable? Looking forward to testing the possible improvement in stability and bugs regarding the base radio (external radio use)

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Hi Joao,

There’s no ETA we can share now, but we’ll be sure to post an update once it’s out. Stay tuned!