RV3 or Web UI Logging Staus Missing

Hello, I haven’t had a chance to get out and use the latest RV 3 plus the latest RS2 firmware. I am noticing that there is no ability to confirm if you are logging. Whether you are using the logging within RV3 or reach panel, there is no status. In previous versions, this existed. It does appear, however, that logging is taking place but it would alleviate some anxiety if we could confirm via RV3 and reach panel like before. Perhaps I am missing something but I didn’t see anything on the community or in the docs?

Also, I am using iOS.

The Logging screen shows that recording is active on both my android phone and ipad. Both on RV3 7.15 FW 30. B1

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Yea, I knew something was up! Any ideas?!

Hi, Zach

There is a minor bug in the 30 Beta 1 version. To fix this behavior, please reset the receiver’s settings to default on the General->Troubleshooting page.


That did the trick. By the way, has anyone noticed increased wifi range on the RS2 from this latest beta fw? It seems to have slightly increased the range and decreased the overall bugginess, if not eliminated it.

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Hi Zach,

We indeed fixed some issues with connecting to Wi-Fi networks in 30 Beta 1. And it also contains a plenty of changes and improvements, but I don’t remember that they are related in particular with the Wi-Fi range.

But let’s wait to what other users can say and share about it.


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