Reach Firmware 30 Beta 3 is out

Hi Grant,

We’re glad to hear about that! It’s really great that the connection was stable.

Hi Caleb,

Reach RS2 indeed doesn’t output MSM7 messages by default. Usually, MSM4 messages are enough for 3d-party receivers. But I’ve added your notes as a feature request!

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Hi @enemotrop,

Thanks for your request!

Reach Panel interface doesn’t have a function for surveying. That’s why there’s no option for checking the different map layers. But our beta Web Interface allows you to access survey project data! So, supporting the images from WMS servers is something we could consider for Web Interface.

This is from my base station


Hi David, my guess is the satellites page is programmed to show you all satellites visible to the RS2, even those below the SNR threshold. But only those above the threshold are actually used in computing the position. In terms of the base transmitting RTCM corrections, I’m unsure if the base uses the SNR mask to limit which to transmit, or if it transmits all of them and let’s the rover use it’s own SNR mask to limit them.

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The new browser interface is slick, seems more responsive than old one. Really like the layout and dark mode.

Well Done!


Hi David,

@Africawaterdoc is absolutely right. The SNR chart shows all the satellites in view. Chosen SNR mask in GNSS settings excludes the satellites from the solution calculation.

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Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Thanks for your feedback! I personally love dark mode, too :slightly_smiling_face:


I Have doubt from these configurations, maybe all of you can I help me.
When I work in RTK, My Base and Rover, should be in “Position Mode=Kinematic”.

What is the different to “Position Mode=Static” to RTK in the Base receiver?. My result will be the other in this Mode?

The suggestion from Emlid is both receivers in Kinematic

I hope not to divert the topic too much

Great improvement with new interface, timemark in log tab, dark mode. Thank you dev team.


Hi Bernard,

It’s better to choose Kinematic for the rover and Static for the base.


Hi @rccam,

Thanks for sharing your feedback, I’ll pass it to the devs’ team!

Hey guys ive been beta testing !! Rs2 for base and a notatel smart 7 rover. Ive had quitea few days out in the field and rtk is solid. Rtk does not get lost and everything is good .
Now emlid could you explain.??? Prior to to this update that says( misc fixes for rovers.) My tractor would either not stay connected or not get rtk at all 1 or the other it was a disaster.

What exactly did you change?? What was it ?

Regards caleb

Anyone having trouble logging? I can’t get my RS2 or either of my M2’s to record.

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In this v30b1 update, I cannot manually enter my base coordinates in xyz format. You should keep this option, please include it again in the final version v30… the ability to manually enter the base coordinates in xyz format.

Hi Caleb,

Welcome to the Beta-testing club!

I’m really glad to hear that now you have a stable RTK link. We’ve improved some things to enhance the support with 3d-party receivers used as a rover. It’s more about the technical changes made under the hood.

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Hi Shaun,

Can you send the Full system report from your receivers to I’ll check what could be the issue. Currently, you can roll back to the Stable version if this issue is impacting your usual workflow.


The function of setting the base coordinates in XYZ format is no longer available in Reach Panel. Can you please specify why do you want to use this format?

Actually, here in Ecuador we work with the coordinates provided by the IGM. In most cases there are places where we do not have internet access to connect to the igm ntrip service or to my M2 cors station that has these coordinates, so I collect raw rinex data to later be able to perform post-processing with the data from the stations. IGM reference, these stations are trimble brand and most of the information sheets provided have only UTM SIRGAS2000 and XYZ coordinates… The post-processing is done in the Leica Infinity v4 software since it allows me to use ionospheric models with ION files and also Precise ephemeris with the final orbits, which improves the precision of my gnss geodetic points. so when I get the results, they are in XYZ, each coordinate in XYZ format has more digits and is more exact and accurate… So for field work in which I take the information from the office, the coordinates obtained from post-processing, I need enter the coordinates in XYZ format… It’s not the end of the world if I have to enter in Latitude and Longitude, but it would make my job much easier and much more precise and accurate to be able to enter the base coordinates manually in XYZ format… That’s why I was asking you guys to include this option in the final version of v30… and also the possibility to stake out lines in ReachView, if I take two points in the field, join them with a line and be able to stake out that line, even extending the line and being able to stake out that projection… these are very useful things that are needed and would greatly help field work.

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