Issue with LoRa corrections configuration on 30 Beta 1

Has anyone reported an issue with 30 Beta 1 with Lora corrections? I am running an RS2+ on this version, and each day when I start it up, I will get a averaged fixed base position on it. Once this is done, none of my M2 rovers will receive Lora corrections until I open up Reachview app on the RS2+ base and switch base output from Lora to Off, and then back to Lora. Then all of the rovers instantly recieve corrections.

Hi @jleaders.2,

Thanks for reporting this!

Can you please send the Full system report from your RS2+ to We’d like to check what’s going on.

Currently, you can roll back to the stable firmware version if this issue affects your daily workflow.

Try deleting the RV3 app and reinstalling. It worked for me on a similar issue.

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