Edge & Navio2 OneShot125 differences


I have a Navio2 and an Emlid Edge.

Navio2 Arducopter version is 3.6.4 and I enabled Oneshot125 with first 3.6.0 release. When looking at the log, there is no apparent change, MOT_PWM_TYPE is set to 2 (Oneshot 125) and Servo 1 to 8 limits are set to 1000-2000. ESC are OneShot capable and calibrated to PWM1000 to 2000). Log RCOU are in the same range than before enabling Oneshot125.

Log Navio2 281218—OctoQuadX-v3.6.4


Edge Arducopter version is 3.5.5 and I enabled Oneshot125 today. Settings and ESC are the same as Navio2. There is a change il the log: RCOU is in the Range 125-250, coherent with Oneshot125 enabled.

Log EmlidEdge 301218—HexaY6-v3.5.5


If you have any clue about these results and confirm or not if OneShot is really active on the Navio2? Is it code related or is there any problem preventing Oneshot enabling on the Navio2?

I use Mission planner to set the Navio2 and Edge QGControl for the Edge.

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Some news, I’m still searching.

With latest Navio2 .img upgrade (update and dist-upgrade) with arducopter 3.6.4, oneshot125 is not activated (set to 2 in parameters).

So I swapped my SDcard to fresh Navio2 emlid .img (with 3.5.5). Oneshot125 can be activated (PWM out is well in the 125-250 range…).

I will start with a new fresh configuration with latest Emlid official update and upgrade (arducopter 3.5.7), check OneShot activation then proceed to 3.6.4 installation and see if it work…


Not solved but some clues:

Emlid 20180525 img with latest Emlid update-upgrade is Oneshot125 friendly (arducopter 3.5.7).

Arducopter 3.6.4 is not OK with OneShot125…

I will continue with it till 3.6.x arducopter issue is sorted.



Here is the log result of my latest flight (Navio2, Arducopter 3.5.7, Oneshot125)

Could be a bug in the Master or in the Emlid Navio2 branch.

Here is the link to my help request in the ArduPilot forum:



Same problem with 3.7.0-dev of January 06,


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Problem added to the 3.6.X dev ToDo list:




Hi Marc,

Thanks for this research and for sharing that with us! :slightly_smiling_face:

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