PPK point extractor software

I don’t know exact algorithms, how ReachView averages, and which points it uses (only FIX or all points). For now, PPK point extractor uses all points to average the location.

I think it might be a good idea to filter the points by their ar ratio, I do that within my script. Then my points (static pkk calculation) do differ by some mm at most - so averaging has almost no effect (that is why I did not look into your sofisticated centroid solution) - but I did not compare it to the calculations done during the survey.

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You should only average the fixed positions Q = 1, in a 5 minute interval (PPK) there should be measurements with Q = 1

@tobias-dahms if I compare the Rtklib file it gives me the same coordinate I said and it only varies very little as you say

I think you could even average the points with the highest ar ratio.
What do you mean with a 5 min. interval? I measure my points for 120 seconds. I think if you need a better result must do it for several hours?

float is 5 minutes and single 15 minutes kinematic observation! Stop & go (ppk)

If you can filter only Q=1 points in RTKlib, you can save them as pos and extract points from PPK point extractor.

I would have to edit the pos file and leave only the points Q = 1, what do you mean?

How do I export only the “q1” points?

For now, I don’t have this implemented in the software. Lack of time. :frowning: I am hoping, I will get some time to fix all the issues and to provide more features for you, guys.


thanks for all your efforts so far :slight_smile:

@jurijs.jeshkins Hello ! there is no possibility to add a column in the CSV that indicates the points Q = 1 (fixed)

Christmas are over, but there are still some presents left. New version of PPK Point extractor. :slight_smile:

Finally, I had some time to get some things done with the project. New version includes some bugfix and some new functionality (and bugs, obviously). I had to update Electron to version 6, so there must be bugs somewhere.

New features:

  • POS filtering by signal quality. Yes, you can choose now to filter only Q1 data, or add Q2 and Q5, if you need. Works for individual points, as well as batch processing.
  • Some statistics - there are now additional statistics about the point. Two different measurements - 1) delta, which is just an arithmethic mean of all distances from measurements to centroid. 2) var, that is a variance of all distances. You can use these measures for your quality checks.
  • Point plot is now showing all your measurements with colors. Colors represent signal quality.
  • Exporting includes all statistics - number of measurements in each quality (Q1, Q2, Q5), statistics about the point (delta and var on all 3 axis).

Windows version of the software is here -Posprocessor v0.3.0.

If you see any bugs, don’t hesitate to put them here. As well as new feature requests. Especially to those, who use PPK UAV systems and use my software. What else must be added to the functionality?


Awesome news! Looking forward to using the version on a new project!

What’s the best way to download this. Chrome prompted me for the ZIP Extractor extension :unamused: and it was taking a very long time so I canceled it.

Just download it as it is, without any plugins. Should be pretty obvious.

Yeah, not really that obvious since it pulled the ZIP Extractor as the first option. It works now that I have removed that extension. Thanks for your help though.

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Fantastic congratulation

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