PPK point extractor software

I don’t know exact algorithms, how ReachView averages, and which points it uses (only FIX or all points). For now, PPK point extractor uses all points to average the location.

I think it might be a good idea to filter the points by their ar ratio, I do that within my script. Then my points (static pkk calculation) do differ by some mm at most - so averaging has almost no effect (that is why I did not look into your sofisticated centroid solution) - but I did not compare it to the calculations done during the survey.

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You should only average the fixed positions Q = 1, in a 5 minute interval (PPK) there should be measurements with Q = 1

@tobias-dahms if I compare the Rtklib file it gives me the same coordinate I said and it only varies very little as you say

I think you could even average the points with the highest ar ratio.
What do you mean with a 5 min. interval? I measure my points for 120 seconds. I think if you need a better result must do it for several hours?

float is 5 minutes and single 15 minutes kinematic observation! Stop & go (ppk)

If you can filter only Q=1 points in RTKlib, you can save them as pos and extract points from PPK point extractor.

I would have to edit the pos file and leave only the points Q = 1, what do you mean?

How do I export only the “q1” points?

For now, I don’t have this implemented in the software. Lack of time. :frowning: I am hoping, I will get some time to fix all the issues and to provide more features for you, guys.


thanks for all your efforts so far :slight_smile:

@jurijs.jeshkins Hello ! there is no possibility to add a column in the CSV that indicates the points Q = 1 (fixed)