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PPK point extractor software

(Jurijs Ješkins) #42

I am developing this software on my Mac, so I don’t have any RTKlib here installed. I try to maintain, that software is multiplatformal. What exactly do you need?

(Tobias Dahms) #43

That is a good idea. I don’t need anything, I just wanted to discuss. But now I understand that it is not possible.

(Jurijs Ješkins) #44

It is possible, but it will be available only on Windows. I will see, what I can do.

(Tobias Dahms) #45

Thank you, but if you don’t use it you don’t need to implement it. I have my own Windows script (I also like to learn programming) but I work with Python - less beautiful but I think it is simpler to use for a lot of different things.
But I really like your programm, reminds me on R Shiny - very beautiful and powerful too.

(Eugene Patterson) #46
antenna height corrected_lat corrected_long corrected_alt collection end collection start elevation index lateral rms latitude longitude name sample count solution status
2.0865 19.04327344 -96.06052965 18.16670896 2019-02-07 16:00:38 UTC 2019-02-07 15:59:58 UTC 30.6927885 1 0.003 19.0432972 -96.0605237 Point 1 200 FIX

Help me understand the difference with corrected_alt (18m) and elevation (30m). Should it be antenna height + elevation for corrected_alt? Dataset collected with 2 Reach RS base and rover.

Other than that. Awesome software !

(Jurijs Ješkins) #47

It depends, whether you made corrections for antenna in RTKlib or not. I still don’t know why you have such a difference. corrected_alt is just averaged values from processed POS file.

In my sample data I have a difference too - between values, measured in SINGLE mode and processed values. The difference is ~4 meters, which is ok. I see, that your points in CSV file are already FIX. How did you got FIX in the field? You were using 2 Reach units? Or you were connected to the NTRIP caster?

It also depends on how you process your data. Please, describe how you measure and what are you using.

(Eugene Patterson) #48

Used 2 reach rs+ units base over known point, manually imputed the coordinates in to the base. RTK with the rover. Processed with Emlid’s RTKPOST, in the “options” - “positions” corrected the antenna height for the base (1.735) and rover (2.0865).