PPK or PPP workflow, how to do it properly?

Hello everyone!

Im having some difficulties to find the better workflow for post processing on my Reach RS pair. Basically Im setting a base in the field and collecting the points with the hover, for that I think is ok. After that I need to get the Rinex from both base and rover and process with a known database for the corrections. The problem is:

  1. When I put all this data on RTKPost I cant get the points I surveyed on the field, with the right names, I only get RTKPlot with a thousand of points without any specification… How can I filter that?

  2. I saw some posts talking about time stamp, what is that?

  3. What Im trying to do is pretty simple, base and rover in the field > get this data > post process with a known base > get the points corrected, accurate and named(as I did on survey projects on reachview) in order to do the job.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean presice point positioning (PPP) ? which is somewhat different from PPK.
I never got that accurate result as stated (sub desimeter) with PPP. It always seems of by 1-1,5m from the origin with IGN and using RTKlib 2.4.2, which is the only version that process right and gives you Q6. Not sure if its because of the missing L2 or what.
So i would focus on PPK that do works.
Also check out this thread about points and processing

Time stamp and/or events is used for adding coordinates to your images via a hotshoe signals. Either trigger hotshoe with reachview or create a puls otherwice that again creates a event and is saved with time and coordinates.
More about it here

And that last link should give you answer to you last questions.

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