Log files maintenance


Are there any options built into ReachView to sort the logging data (Raw data, position, Base correction) based on project/job name? During testing I conducted a few surveys, and had a few false starts due to NTRIP connection problems, and this resulted in numerous log files. It seems like the best solution is to sort by logging time, which I will be sure to record in my notes going forward.

I see the challange.
For now my workflow for postprocess depends somewhat on the size of the survey and the situation but i usually enable log upon start and off at the end.
So for me to know where different points are, i also use survey mode and overlay these points in singel mode on my computer software. They are usually in the ballpark for me to find fix cluster which is set to a certain timeframe ( 10,20 sec or 10,20min dependig on the job)

We plan to tie logs to survey projects first and foremost, but custom sorting like in some kind of file manager seems nice too. Thanks for the input.

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