Phantom 4 Pro RTK/PPK

Hi Ralph,

You bring up an interesting/problematic issue. The ground plane is set at an angle so it’s close to level during flight. However this is not good for collecting ground control. Please let me know if you continue to see the error or if leveling the ground plane corrects the error.



Hello Brian, that’s exactly what I’m working on right now. At the weekend I send you the results. Kind regards.

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Thanks @Brian_Christal. I am ready to add the geotags to the photos and have tried Geosetter and GeoTag and have not gotten anywhere with either of them. I saw the article on prepping for Pix4D, but I need the new geotags in the photos for DroneDeploy.

Hi Michael,

Sorry, I don’t have a way to edit the EXIF data. You’d think there would be an easy solution, but I can’t find it. Also, it seems like Drone Deploy does not support adding geotags as a text file. You can use Pix4D Discovery to validate your model:

Thanks @Brian_Christal. I figured out the GPX problem with the help of @TB_RTK and can now use Geosetter. Very easy.

Great! Do you have a link to documentation that shows how to add geotags with a text file? Thanks!

I have only used the GPX file to this point. Pretty straightforward.

Ah, thanks! and this is how you get GPX file: Adding PPK georeferance to image exif info in a batch situation

Correct. That is where TB pointed out that the output elevations and time options are not on by default. They are required in Geosetter. I’m crunching on results from several different processing options and their relationships to the GCPs I set so hopefully I can make an intelligent presentation of what I did. I can already tell I will need to do several more before I am comfortable that the options I am using are stable.

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