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Here is the state of my OctaQuadX.

Navio2 with 2nd M8N GPS+Compass
FoxTech Landing Gear
15x5.5 RcTimer props
T-Motor 4008-18 KV380
6S-8Amp Battery
Sony QX1-20mm

Home made frame and gimbal.

ESC are on the top part of the frame below Rpi. I’m working on larger frame spacers (going from 35 to 55mm) in order to have all electrical wiring and ESC inside the frame.


New Hexacopter with Rpi3/Navio2
Navio2 Arducopter 3.6.x
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It’s awesome, thank you for posting this!

What’s the application? :slight_smile:

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Aerial photography and hobby (aeromodels,…)


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I had a bad take off the other day. Octo fall on the side and one arm was broken? It happened arm wall was thinner than average (0,75mm instead of 0,85 or 1mm) and not enough stiff (bargain price).

I ordered a new length (1mm wall + 30% kevlar wrap). The bird is back on the flight line.


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Hi Marc,

Keep us updated with the result of new tests. Hope it will be better with new stuff!

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