New Reach Firmware 30 improves Reach compatibility with other receivers and software

Hi Preben,

Thanks for reporting!

Do I understand correctly that the corrections stream doesn’t start over TCP at the start-up? Can you please describe your base and rover setup in a bit more detail?


HI Luidmila.
I prefer make a survey directly using de browser as in the past, because we are a lot of people using the rover in diferent times, and is very difficult coordinate how save and tranfer the information of each one. In the past all the information was in the rover’s memory and we could access whit any phone or laptop, and now I need at least one extra phone for work, and pray to remaid that phone have the app… now i need each people have the app, and send the information whit out dealy…

About the hotspot option, the problem is gone.

Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Our team is thinking about how to optimize the teamwork for the users considering the changes brought up by our updated firmware and mobile application. I’ll pass on your notes further to the team so that they know about your preferred workflow and could take this into the consideration.

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My mobile carrier doesn’t require a username or password for APN settings. In the UI, there is a space in the password field. When I try to remove it, the validation mentions it’s mandatory. Please look into this.

Authentication is PAP, APN : Those are extracted from SIM config, I didn’t enter those manually.

Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for reporting!

We’ll check if this is a reproducible behavior. Currently, I can suggest checking if restoring the settings to default may help with this. You can do this in Emlid Flow: General - Troubleshooting.


The camera control for the reach M+/M2 was removed in the FIrmware 30 ?? We cannot configure anymore any signal output for the M2 ? I see that the signal previously configured on my reach M+ still go out, but where is the tab ?


Hi Emilien,

We recommend triggering via autopilot or camera, depending on the application. Triggering via Reach was usually more complicated to set up and required a custom cable. So, we’ve removed these settings in the 30 firmware version in favor of more straightforward and powerful options. Still, you can check the last time mark to ensure everything works fine before the flight.

If triggering via Reach is vital for your setup, can you tell us more about it? Why don’t other options work for it? I’ll check what we can suggest.

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Thanks for your answer.
that’s quite pity to make useless a pinout on the m+/m2 and that’s not list in your release note. I mailed the details.



Thank you! I’ve just answered you via email. Let’s continue our discussion there.

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Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for your patience.

I’ve checked the settings and if you select any type of Authentication except Not provided, you need to enter the necessary credentials. These fields cannot be left blank. We haven’t changed this mechanism so it works the same way on the previous firmware.

Does your network carrier require PAP authentication with no username and password? Does the mobile data work if you select Authentication typeNot provided and enter the APN?

The APN config is automatically set ( via SIM ).

Also when crossing border the device is very slow to switch network, it’s a real pain. The roaming should be quick.

There is an issue after this update. The network, blue LED is not blinking while connected to Wi-Fi. It is switched off. Turning on hot-spot turns the LED on (solid) and then switching back to Wi-Fi makes the LED blinking. Then after reboot, the problem appears again.

Hi, after upgrading from beta, reappear old bug with wi-fi disable option.
Sometimes after disabling wi-fi and power cycle reach m+, wi-fi starts as wanted but at www there is still enable wi-fi switch, and it’s impossible to disable wi-fi again without next power restart.


I try to update from 30 beta 3 to the stable 30, it does all the procedure, but after rebooting the firmware is still beta 3.

Hello everyone!

Today we’ve released a new Reach Firmware 30.1.


  • Fixed some cases when the base didn’t emit corrections after booting the device
  • Returned the IBGE logging preset for single-band devices
  • Fixed some cases when LoRa didn’t receive corrections after booting the device
  • Fixed missing UBX logs when raw data debug is enabled
  • Fixed indication for the network LED on the Reach RS+ devices

Hi Arnaud,

Does it work if you use only APN settings without choosing a particular authentication type?

This can happen because the cell towers aren’t distributed close to the particular location. Some cell tower transmitters are set to low power on purpose. It can induce some delays in finding the available network connection during the location change.

Hi Łukasz,

Thanks for reporting!

There indeed was a bug that affected the blue LED behavior. But we’ve just released the fix for it in Reach Firmware 30.1. Please update your device to this version to check whether it helps.

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Hi @rccam,

Do you mean the Turn Wi-Fi off to save the battery power functionality? It disables Wi-Fi only for the current session and enables Wi-Fi back after the next reboot. If you mean something else, can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue? It’ll help me to find a solution for you.

Hi Kostas,

Thanks for reporting!

Is it possible for you to try updating the device via another Wi-Fi network to check whether it changes anything? If this doesn’t help, please send the Full system report from the device to I’ll check what went wrong here.

Don’t know, I only use auto.

My phone and other devices change faster much faster.