New Reach Firmware 30 improves Reach compatibility with other receivers and software

Hi @joaovitorlara8,

If you don’t close the app, then you should be automatically connected to your receiver once you turn on the screen of your phone. If there are issues with this, it’s probably related to the mobile application side, not the firmware. We can troubleshoot this with you additionally.

Does turning off the corrections output and then choosing Serial help? Did you start to notice this behavior from a particular firmware version?

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I updated our NTrip base RS2 Today.

I did some initial testing on our John Deere 872GP grader, which has the Topcon machine control system.

With my initial testing, I was able to maintain a fix for the entire time I was using the grader (40 minutes). This is a GREAT development.

It will be a few months before the snow melts before I will be able to get the grader out to actual jobsites for proper testing. But I’m looking forward to having the option of not using a 3rd party nTrip provider!



in version 30 stable, in my two Rover receivers, connected in bluetooh with harxon external radio, they no longer show if they are connected with the device. I’m having problems with signal reception. someone else? how can i revert to version 29? URGENT…

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Hi @joaovitorlara8,

Do you check this in Emlid Flow or Reach Panel?

This release doesn’t introduce changes to the GNSS signal reception level so it shouldn’t be related to the particular firmware version. Can you please elaborate more on what issues did you face? I’m sure we’ll find a solution to this.

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could you please send me or tell me where i can download the image to flash the latest version 29?

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Hi @joaovitorlara8,

If there’s an issue with the signal reception, it won’t be fixed with the downgrading of the firmware version. Can you please clarify what doesn’t work correctly at the moment?

Thanks for the messages. I was able to use it today perfectly in different places. Not saying what happened, but today it worked perfectly turning on the external radios first and then the devices. I use Harxon models. Ufa!

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I would just like to request one measure (I believe it is not complex): here in Brazil we practice to keep the native files of the collection of each point for rural properties. Thus, we have in a single field survey, several individual and small files. In the recording area, could there be a way to select multiple files and download them all at once? Nothing that gets in the way of use, just for convenience.

Hi, where is the option to make a survey directly from mi phone in the rover web page of the RS+ (, even more when restart the device the hotspot option turnoff.

Esiste un manuale in PDF per capire le funzioni del firmware e emlidflow? Dove si trova ?


After updating to 30 I can no longer connect to the TCP server after a reboot, when using manual coordinate entry.
If I start a 1 min averaging, switch to manual and enter the coordinates, it will work until the next reboot.
The problem exists on both RS2 and RS2+

Hi @joaovitorlara8,

Currently, you can download only one log at a time. I’ve passed on your feature request to the devs team so they could consider implementing the export of several logs at a time.


Hi Guillermo,

The Survey tab is no longer available for the new Reach Panel interface. Can you please share why you prefer not to use the mobile application?

Can you please elaborate a bit more on this issue? Is the receiver’s hotspot not available after the restart?

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Hi Severino,

Welcome to our forum!

Currently, our docs and other information like changelogs are available only online on the web services. Here are the online docs for RS2/RS2+ in English, for example. But I’ll definitely let the team know that there’s a request to have a PDF format for the docs.


I second this request. There are plenty of times when one may want to access the full, in-depth EMLID docs for any given product – Reach M2, RS2, RS2+, etc. – when there is no internet access available. Or perhaps even when a phone/tablet battery has died.

Please make all docs available as regularly-updated full PDF files.


Hi Manscuto,

Thanks, I’ve noted your request as well!