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Edge Hexacopter with GoPro

(Dmitriy Ershov) #1

We use a lot of drone platforms for testing our software and hardware here at Emlid: quadcopters and hexacopters, fixed wing and numerous rovers.

We’ve decided to share components list and general scheme of the assembly for our Edge hexacopter as this could be a great reference for those working on customizable video-streaming drone powered by Ardupilot.

The drone in the photo below was assembled when we started testing Edge. You could see this hexa in the Edge demo videos and some promo photos.

The components list contains links to the same or similar parts with approximate pricing in the US and European online stores.

Components list

General scheme

For assembly you will need soldering equipment, screwdrivers set, wire cutters and some other tools. For hardware installation and software configuration, please refer to Edge documentation and Ardupilot Copter manuals.

Here is the video of our hexa flight for your inspiration:

That’s it for today! Have fun :slight_smile:

(Michal Pesek) #2

Hi, nice work.
How remote gimbal?

(Alexey Bulatov) #3


For remote control gimbal we are using RC transmitter. It was set up with Camera Setup in QGC.

(Jon walter) #4

This is look amazing.
Good assembly, but I prefer GoPro 5,way better for my opinion,and not so expensive at the moment.
Keep going,you doing well.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #6

(Kyle) #7

Any plans to continue to release details of your other craft?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #10

Hi @kyle_irys,

Could you please clarify you question?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #12


The weather is really cold and there is a lot of snow here, so we don’t have an opportunity to test new drones now. However, we’ll definitely share our new builds in the future.