Need some help here

Hi there,

I need some help here with processing of my data with the PPK workflow. Today and last week I`ve tested our new equipment that we bought from Emlid. Its the new Reach M2 (rover) and the Reach RS2.

Ive made two setups which can both be used with our PhaseOne IXM 100mp camera for use on our UAV and for terrestrial use. However Ive cant really get good results from the setup despite the fact that all is working well in the field. Once I get back from the field, I get disappointed very quickly due to bad results but hopefully its just because Im still a newbie at this and the more experienced users here can help me.

As mentioned before I tested the setup on our UAV and for terrestrial use. But when I compare the .pos file with the events.pos file I can see that my photo positions are all over the place (see attachement)

Could someone take a look at these files and see if you can get better results? I`ve added all the files to a wetransfer download link:

Not to forget, I updated both the rover and the base to the latest stable firmware. If a system report is needed then let me know.

Kind regards,

Lammert de Graaf


Ow by the way, I forgot to send pictures of my set up. Here they are:

the mount with all the emlid stuff on it is also mounted on the UAV.


One more thing I forgot to say is that with the terrestrial use and some of the flights I`ve got more events than photos. This also happened a lot with the M+ module.

Hello @ldegraaf,

It appears that you and I are having the exact same issue, within reasonable comparison.

Given PPK results, my photo positions are also all over the place relative to the .pos path, in much the same way as in your second image.

Additionally, I too am receiving more events than photos. Normally I blame this on excessive ground speed and thus pushing the limits of my A7R III, which responds by overrunning its buffer and failing to save captures (but still managing to send a pulse mid-exposure, what a pain).

Sorry I don’t have any actual help for you, but hopefully having two users with similar issues will garner more feedback - and perhaps a solution.


What is the capacity of your power bank? and what autonomy (hours) of work do you achieve with it using everything together, antenna, reach m2 and LoRa radio ?.


Hello, the capacity of the powerbank is 5000mah. Its just a normal powerbank for charging your smartphone. I calculated the use per hour according to the specs on the emlid website. Theoretically the powerbank could last about 10 hours in this setup. Thats more than enough for me

Hello Evan, thank you for your reply. The more leverage we have for this problem, the faster they will hopefully look in to this matter.

Do you still have problems with this issue or do you have made any improvements for solving this issue?

Sounds great.


Hi Lammert,

May I ask you to share the Full System Reports from the both units with me in PM?

@ldegraaf Yes, the issue is unresolved as of yet.

@polina.buriak Sorry to interject, but would full system reports from my setup provide additional assistance, given our similar issues? I can add them to my existing post for consistency.

Hi Evan,

It’d be great if you could post the Full System Reports from both units to your thread.

Hello @polina.buriak

I have sent you my system reports of both devices. Hopefully you can solve this problem.

Kind regards,


Hi Lammert,

Thanks for the reports!

We’re looking into the issue. I’ll contact you once there’s news.

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Hey there,

Just wanted to conclude that the issue with the dispersed time marks is resolved by using our new RTKLib. You can download the new RTKLib QT apps here.

Hi Polina,

Thank you for the update! Since u you posted this update I went immediatly outside for testing. Unfortunatly we had bad weather sunday so I had to test it in the field at a job which did not gave me a lot of room to test the system. I can say that during the second flight I got all the events I needed. No more no less… so thats good! And I also got a 100 procent fix during the whole flight!

The first flight however still showed too much events but I was able to filter the wrong ones out easily. But I still got a 100% fix. I’m going to look into it to see if this might be a hardware issue from my side. So I will keep you updated. If you like, I could send the raw ubx files from both flights

Good job all!


Hi Lammert,

Just wanted to give you an update. We’re still working on fixing the issue with the appearance of extra time-marks. I’ll keep you posted on when the fix will be released.

Hey there,

I’d like to give you an update on this.

We’ve released the v2.22.5 firmware version for Reach M2 that should solve some issues with the extra time-marks.

It’d be cool if you could update the units and tell us how the release works for you. Please note that fix only works for logs recorded in RINEX currently.