Missing events with M2


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`Today I tested my M2 module. Can note that it does not work as it should for PPK. Have done 4 tests still at one place, and autonom flight. Photo selection is completely wrong and of 52 photos, only 25 were selected. This was with Rinex 3.3 in both base and rover.

Hi Chani,

May I ask you to share the following data so we can analyze them?

  • UBX logs from both base and rover
  • RINEX 3.3 logs from both base and rover

Is sent by mail. With new RTKlib there were too many markings

Hi Chani,

Thanks for sending the data!

According to your logs, there are indeed additional time-marks.

Currently, we’re looking into this issue. I’ll inform you once there’s news.

Hey there,

Just wanted to say that we’ve released new firmware version v2.22.5 for Reach M2 that should solve the issue with extra time marks. You can post-process the UBX logs without having issues with the time-marks quantity with the new version of RTKLib which is available in our docs .

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