Navio 2 Raspbian update with ArduCopter-3.5

Hello guys!

We wanted to let you know that you can now update your Navio 2 and get prebuilt ArduCopter-3.5, ArduPlane-3.8 and APMRover-3.2 binaries.

In order to get it on Jessie you just need to type these commands:

> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> sudo apt-get install emlidtool
> sudo reboot

This will update all packages which include a major update to emlidtool. It’s got a new TUI-based interface for easier ArduPilot configuration. Now it’s extremely easy to switch between ArduPilot versions without this update-alternatives CLI magic. We hope you like it!

The new Raspbian Stretch is on its way and I hope we’ll make it public by the end of the week.

There’s going to be a lot of new pretty awesome features that we hope you’ll enjoy.


You guys are awesome

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Did all of that yesterday. Test section says tests can not be done because ardupilot is running ? How does one do the tests if Ardupilot is not running ?

It’s the opposite. You can run tests iff ArduPilot is not running. It’s a safety feature which prevents intervention on ArduPilot. So you should firstly stop ArduPilot and then run tests.

Thanks for your work.

I had a good flight session today with the new configuration (used to fly arducopter 3.5.2 since available).

New EmlidTool is fine.



Is this available for Navio+? Will the update work with Navio+?

Super stoked to have everything upgraded - being able to use most-recent MMAL with Navio2 will be a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for all you guys’ work!

Sure, it’ll work on Navio+ as well.

Good news,

Something is missing in the documentation:

When we copy the new Navio image to the SD card, the root volume stay with a low size (2.9 Go for the latest) even if the SD Card is larger (8Go)

Check the partition size with:


There is a command line to enlarge the partition:

sudo raspi-config --expand-rootfs

sudo reboot

then check the size:



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