How to select a frame type on ArduCopter-3.5

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I followed the instructions, my frame type isnt lidted (HEXA) all that’s listed is <arducopter and <arducopter-

Hello Mike!

There’s now only two binaries. The frame type is selected using a parameter inside a GCS like this.

Here’s the parameter that you should set. After it’s set you’re good to go. I hope it helped.

We’ll make it more obvious in our docs. Thanks!

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Thank you @george.staroselskiy for the quick response. Your first link on the word here is dead.

How do I tell what Version I’m running?

When I connect to mission planner I get a splash screen advising me of “New firmware available APM:Copter V3.5.3, please upgrade.” Yet according to info below from your documentation, the most current stable version of copter is 3.5.6

I need to know the version number in order to troubleshoot a “Bad logging” Error I’m getting, Thanks again.

Apparently you’re running AC-3.5 and need to select a frame class as I just wrote above. Please, take a look at the docs. You can verify your version by running sudo emlidtool ardupilot.

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yes, yes, yes, thank you! My apologies, I was mistaking 3.4.6 as 3.5.6.

Per your instruction, I successfully got the parameter Frame_Class correct.