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Navio 2 build and first flights!

(Gleb) #21

Hello! You are using the battery 6s. But KISS 18 amp ESC for 4s battery. Do I understand correctly?

(Ole) #22

I used these: http://rctimer.com/product-1320.html They fittet nicely inside the booms.

(Ronny Sandslett) #23

Nice quad and reading there Ole. I am getting tempted to try out the Navio/Pi solution :slight_smile:

(Ronildo Braga Junior) #24

Hi ogulbrandsen

First congratulations for your both projects.

In a previous project you did use a “custom” battery. At this new project I think you are not using anymore. Can I ask you what is your feedback about that “custom” battery and why you did decided to not use anymore? I attached the image below.

Warm Regards.


I soldered and built a battery for long flight times out of 20 Panasonic 18650 cells. 4S5P, 17 000 mah, around 930gr. Should give 60 minutes of hovertime.


Hello ,

Ole could you tell us where did you find those landing legs ??

(Ole) #26

Hi, the batteries works great for slow flying quads that can hover for around an hour. For faster quads you need lipos.

BTW, for my first quad I was using the Panasonic 18650, they have a max C rating of 1-2
I’ve later tried the Sanyo 18650, that are rated at 3-4 C, same weight and mah, These are better if you decide to build your own battery.

The lipo in my lates quad has a C rating of 10. I just wanted something faster and something that had better capacity to lift things (gliders etc). (Racing quad that flies for 5-10 minutes need batteries with 40+ C rating)

I think the Sanyo batteries are the best good option if you are designing a light frame that can hover for 30m+ and where top speed is or payload capacity is not important.

(Ole) #27



thanks :thumbsup:

(Ole) #29

A quick demo of the video link:

More details here: My Software Setup using 4G, Mission Planner, GStreamer

(Josh Faulk) #30

How much is the 4g service?

(Ole) #31

That obviously depend on your network provide, connection speed and dataplan.
I use a normal dataplan from Telenor in Norway with a special APN to give me a public IP called internet.public
(the use of the APN is free with Telenor)

(Barry Bolton) #32

Just a question on this. What is the C rating of your battery pack in that configuration?

(Barry Bolton) #33

It is a pitty there isn’t a step by step guide to this

(Ole) #34

Hi, the battery is: 8Ah 6s 10c battery at 960gr http://www.elefun.no/p/prod.aspx?v=29659


I’ve been admiring your work and have a question about one of your setups. One of your quadcopters ran on a 6s battery. In one entry here you said you provided power to the Pi/Navio2 by way of both the power module and an external BEC. Can the Navio2 power module handle 6s voltage? I thought it was for up to 4s Lipo.
Paul in the USA

(Sonu Gadewar) #37

Hie Ole…
Can navio 2 can be controlled by rc controller and by internet at the same time ? Like if i want to control it with controller then i switch on the controller and control it ; and after that i will give the gps co-ordinates and it will automatically reach there on its own and without using rc controller.?

(Lucy Hattersley) #38

Hi Ole,

My name is Lucy and I write for The MagPi - The Official Raspberry Pi magazine. I’m keen to cover your Raspberry Pi quadcopter in our magazine, as a Project Showcase or as part of a feature. Can you email me please lucy@raspberrypi.org. All the best. Lucy

(Beytullah Durası) #39

Hi there !

Navio 2’s Compass has only one direction as you know. In this case How did you locate your Navio
according to backward ? How did you set your drone while your navio 2 is in oppsite direction ?
Could you help me ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(George Staroselskiy) #40

You can just change compass orientation in a ground control station. COMPASS_ORIENT is the parameter you’re looking for!

(Beytullah Durası) #41

I couldn’t find COMPASS_ORIENT Section or where to write. Could you tell me where it is located?