Navio 2 build and first flights!

Open up Compass settings in a gcs of choice and select compass orientation.but I guess you need to change board orientation. (AHRS_ORIENTATION being the parameters to modify)

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Hi! Which Air frame type did you choose for your drone on MP ? I am not sure about choosing V-Tail or Quadrotor x Type of frame on Mission Planner. Thanks for your help.


is there any “step by step” documentation available??
it’ll be very kind of you to share…


I assume you used a websocket connection, with the software running on your laptop acting as the websocket server, right?

Hello Ogulbrandsen,

Congratulations for your Quadcopter designs ! it is very impressive.

I live in France, in South of France near Marseille.
I am electronics engineer, i have knoledge in hardware, electronics components, FPGA, and CPU modules like Raspberry PI, software programmation C, C++, i can build custom linux kernels.

I am new with drones designs.

Please can you share your drone design : Build 3

Have you bill of materials for assemble this drone please
Have you documentation (drawings) for build the platform in carbon fiber.
Schematics for the wiring of all parts

Best Regards
Thanks in advance
(Sorry for my poor English)

Hansen Franck

Hello Again Ogulbrandsen,

I am Hansen Franck, i just send you a message before.
Can you help me please …
here my email :

I would like build this quadricopter, it is very good job

Best Regards
Hansen Franck

Hello Ogulbrandsen,

Please help me …
I really would like try to build your quadcopter design, it is very impressive.

Can you send me, just the mechanical shape drawing with dimensions for build body.
What software did you use to draw the body ?

If you want share with me, can you send me the mechanical drawing project file, i will install the software for read this file.

My email :

Best regards
Hansen Franck

Hi Ogul, I have burned up two (!) Matek F405-HDTE Flight Controllers, one went dark, the other throws errors. I have a raspberry pi 3 connected to a Sixfab hat with sim card, for cellular. But I’m struggling with the controller side. Haven’t got my motors wired or mounted yet. I need to get another flight controller.