NAVD'88 on web interface

Hello. I know how to get a survey done in the app and get the results in UTM and NAD 83 zone 17N.

However, how do I do that using the website interface? I indeed want to use a toughbook running windows 10 for the survey.


Hi @hydrocynus,

If you run Reach Firmware older than 30 version, the Survey tool is available in Reach Panel through Reach’s IP address. However, it doesn’t involve conversion to local coordinates, it supports only geographical ones.

Starting from 30 Firmware, the Survey tool was deprecated in favor of native Emlid Flow app. Could you please tell a bit more why using web interface is important for you?

Just in case, you can use a third-party app like QGIS as a survey tool on your Windows PC. It supports local coordinate systems. To learn more about such integration, you can read our guide.

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Thanks for your answer. I do understand the choice you made. I wanted to have a toughbook PC to be used in the field by students to do their survey. Students would only need to create a hotspot with a name we agreed on “sam1234” in our case with a 1234 password), so that RS2 and the PC would hookup to the the hotspot and allow to get the NTRIP correction and do the survey on the PC that all students would use.

I now thinks that a tablet would actually be a better option, but the ones I have are dedicated for the drone mapping and I do not like to use one tablet for two different equipment.

I found that the process of using the app on a phone is a bit convoluted.
1- wifi connection to rs2
2- turn on bluetooth
3- connect to bluetooth with phone
4- register hotspot credentials in RS2
5- turning on hotspot on phone

Too many steps for a student with a phone to follow.
I will look at the QGIS integration option.


thanks my issue has been fixed.

Hi Serge,

Your workflow seems a bit intricate, indeed. It shouldn’t involve Bluetooth, because Reach RS2 works with the phone’s hotspot without necessity of enabling Bluetooth. You can read the step-by-step guide in our docs, and, just in case, the brief Support tip here.

In case you need only NTRIP correction input to Reach RS2, Bluetooth connection should be quite simple. You can find the description here in our forum.

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