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My next build!

(Anas El Harda) #62

Hello ogulbrandsen, i am very impressed by your skills. i am student in security field and i would like to ask you a few questions about this drone. please contact me at elhardaanas@yahoo.fr

(regev) #63

What is the Huawei E3276 3G/4G communication range?

(Ole) #64

Not 100% sure what you mean, but there is no limit, they will communicate as long as there is 4G/3G connection in the area of the drone and in the area of my laptop. They communicate through internet. (Not WiFi, that is only locally on the quad)

(regev) #65

as i understand it can works like wifi without cellular communication between two dongles.

Am i wrong?

(regev) #66

The is not cellular coverage every where.
As i understand i can use it as a wifi, can i use two of this to create my own communication net, and if so what is the max range?


(J) #67

@regevam , the range is dependent on the hardware you use, noisefloor of the environment, as well as visibility, obstacles, etc.

There is tons of examples in in this forum of what works and what does not. Give a quick search and you should have lots to ponder.

(regev) #68

Thank you aquila for your reply.
I know that, but yet there mast be some number like up 200 meter or up to 2000 meters, maybe up to 10 km.
with the right set of antennas.
does anyone knows if it is possible to have a privet network between 2 e8278 dongles? when there is no other cellular network available.

(J) #69

@regevam , I don’t know if it would be possible to use two 3g/4g modems without a cell network. But you can achieve very long distance communication between the ground and your aircraft with the correct modems, amps, filters, and proper antenna.

I found these two resources to be very helpful with understanding long distance data transmission and antenna selection:

The catfish thread:

RC radio/antenna 101:

(Sebastian) #70

@aquila I may very certainly be wrong, but after reading @regevam posts, I get the impression that he wants to create his own cellular network using the e8278 dongles.

(J) #71

@schuermannsebastian , I assumed the 8278 was a 2.4ghz dongle. I will revise my post, thanks.


Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not but you should definitely use DDNS to mitigate your IP change issue. Make calls using a FQDN from your code instead of IP. As long as you have a DDNS service updater running somewhere that always binds the current public IP to a FQDN, then it won’t matter how many times the IP changes. Another option would be to tell your 4G provider that you want a sticky IP. There could be a charge for it but your IP would never change unless the modem had to be replaced. As long as the ISP sees the same MAC address the IP remains sticky. Not all ISPs will do this so DDNS is better solution.

My 2 cents…

(Ole) #73

Yes, I think a DDNS is better than a static IP. Will do!

(A static IP is possible with my provider, but the cost is a little too high for my liking. )

(Ole) #74

Status update: I’ve decided to take the copter apart and use all the parts for a new frame design.

It works and hovers for a loooong time, but it does not fly very well. I need smaller props.

I’m also struggling with getting a reliable video stream over 4G with the logitech camera. My experience with the Rpi camera on the previous quad was better. (Could very well be that it is my limited experience with Linux is the main reason for this)

The new frame is designed around 13inch props and 6S 4s battery. The layout is similar, but the dimensions different. I’ll post more once I get going with the build and receive my new NAVIO 2 :slight_smile:

(Ole) #75

Wow, look what turned up in the mail today!

Setting up a new image, can’t wait to start the new build… :slight_smile:

(Mark Lewis) #76

Nice! Mine left Hong Kong today. Can’t wait to start working with it!

(Alex Wright) #77

have you considered wifibroadcast for fpv? You aren’t doing fpv racing and this would allow you to utilize the picamera and get a hd stream using wifibroadcast which is more akin to analog fpv streaming than typical wifi. https://befinitiv.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/wifibroadcast-rpi-fpv-image-v0-4/

(Mark Lewis) #78

I’m going to give that a test. I setup a pi yesterday with the pi camera and currently have it streaming rtsp to vlc. Going to look into getting the wifibroadcast going next.

(Ole) #79

Very interesting! From what I understand, WiFi broadcasting makes a lot of sense for better long range connection over WiFi. But, for a 4G mobile connection over internet, it is not relevant, right?

(Alex Wright) #80

exactly but it also elements the whole router fiasco you have going. with the right antennas you can get decent range. I believe 3km and 5km tests have already been done.

(Ole) #81

I’ll try it it out!

(I got this antenna: http://www.team-blacksheep.com/img/gallery/IMG_0069.2.jpg)