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My next build!

(Maximilian Baehring) #89

Hello, I worked for a internet provider and still operate equipment, maybe I can help you with a openvpn fixed-ip from my as21158 and a redundant internet connection. like this you can use multiple usb-umts sticks parallel which will provide redundancy against connectivity loss. i am currently testing such setups.


contact: maximilian.baehring@zentral-bank.eu

(Kael29lv) #90

I like the custom battery. What piece did you use for the battery health / monitoring? I can find the cells, but having trouble sourcing one of those.

(Ole) #91

You should get these batteries: Sanyo NCR18650GA. I’ve been using them lately, and they are better suited. I soldered the cells like a normal lipo battery, with a balancing wire. You charge them with a normal lipo charger. Hopes this helps!

(Eric Le Clair) #92

Same! Thx for the share. #Godsent :slight_smile:

(Oscar Castell Marcos) #93

I have a doubt about this diagram. What is the channel that this system use to send the input (Joystick) from the Laptop to the RPi? Do you use an RC receiver in this quad? If you don’t use any RC can you explain me how do you use APM Planner without it? … I cannot use it when I extract the RC Receiver from the Navio2 … It says Prearm error: RC not calibrated!!!

Can you help me with this …

(Ole) #94

Hi, the joystick is connected to the PC like a normal joystick (wireless logitech usb dongle). Mission planner on the PC takes the inputs from the joysticks and sends the controls over mavlink (UDP) to the drone via the internet connection

(Oscar Castell Marcos) #95

Thanks by clarify. Then telemetry, video and control are over TCP/IP. I’m interested in the way that APM Planner “talks” with de APM firmware through TCP/IP, because in this way we can use other input systems like keyboard or mouse, like voice commands or commands with the kinect movements … also with BCI gadgets.

I know that the protocol is the MavLink, this is easy … but I don’t know “how” send it over TCP/IP. I have tried it with the “drone-kit python API”. This works in local machine (aka RPI2) but it doesn’t work if you try from other machine (aka laptop).

I need help to understand the link between the APM firmware and the GSC over TCP/IP, in two direction sending and receiving.

Thanks a lot

(Sebastian) #96

You can disable single or all prearm checks in the full parameter list.
The parameter is called “arming_check”.

(Oscar Castell Marcos) #97

Thanks a lot … I can arm the system now.

(Christoph Hummer) #98

Hi, can you please explain how you soldered the batterypack?
Did you use a BatteryManagementSystem to Charge your batterypack btw. how did you connect the balancer cable to the batterypack?
I´ve also buyed the Sanyo cells and and want to solder a 4s5p batterypack but i don´t know how to balance it and wich battery charger i had to buy…
Can you please help me?

(Ole) #99

Hi, soldered 5 cells in parallel in a series of 4. Used a normal lipo balancing lead to each pack. Charged with at normal lipo balancing charger. Here is a diagram someone else made, this is for a 3S pack using 2 cells in parallel.

(Christoph Hummer) #100

Thank you for the quick response.
So you have 5packs of 4 cells with 1balancing wire per pack is that right?
If i understand that right you have to charge all the 5packs separatly and for flight you put the packs togehter in a row and fly.

(Nomine Vacans) #101

you could use LG HG2 batteries. 3000mAh, 20A continous.
I have peaked these at 36A, they did not fail yet. much less voltage sag. might even give you longer runtime.

(Ole) #102

The lates build is found here: My 4th quadcopter build!

(Kael29lv) #103

Thanks for the help with posting this stuff. Just to clarify, you aren’t using an on-battery Battery Management System and instead are just running the sense wires to a connector for when you’re charging?

I ask because I’ve also been following this: http://www.ebikeschool.com/how-to-build-a-diy-electric-bicycle-lithium-battery-from-18650-cells/

He uses an on-battery BMS. I have a high-end smart charger, so if it’s not needed and just the connector is, then that’d save me some time/weight.

(Ole) #104

I’m not using any Battery Management System (BMS), and I’m just soldering directly to the batteries. I do not think a BMS is needed, as long as you make sure you do not over discharge the batteries, use a balance charger and test the internal resistance from time to time with the charger if it has that function. For the soldering, I use a high temperature on the iron (380-390C), sand the ends first, and start by adding a small amount of solder on the battery first, then once it is cooled I solder the pre-tinned wire to this. The battery barely gets warm at all and I have not seen any reduction in capacity.

(DylanTheSurvivor) #105

When will it be on the market?

(NRC) #108

Boss, very nice. so, you cut the long t-motors wires and shortened it and then soldered it to the ESC. I see. Thanks for sharing the details.



one questions regarding the E8278 usb modem router that you used.
Is it possible to power this modem directly from the raspberry pi 4 usb ports ??
If yes, is it possible somehow to prevent the raspberry from recognizing this modem as a device ??

Please advice . than you

(Beytullah Durası) #110

Hi! Which Air frame type did you choose for your drone on MP ? I am not sure about choosing V-Tail or Quadrotor x Type of frame on Mission Planner. Thanks for your help.