Multi streaming method implementation required for RTK corrections

Is it possible to implement RTK streaming with two or more methods?
I use Emlid RS2 with LoRA to send corrections to a second receiver and Local NTRIP to send corrections to the drone. It would be very convenient to be able to send the two corrections at the same time. Maybe I’m wrong but it would just be a matter of splitting the signal onto two channels via software, Lora and WiFi can work at the same time. While I fly the drone, my colleague could detect the GCPs saving a lot of time!
With considerable esteem for your work, Donato


Hi, I don’t believe it is possible. Please read this link:

I personally have not attempted to try sending simultaneous corrections to two receivers.
Regards, Mark

What is RTK for on your workflow?

I know it’s not possible at the moment, I’m asking if it’s possible to make it possible ;-))
I had read the discussion you are referring to and would have liked to reply there but I can’t because the post is closed.


Use local RTK to have accurate positions of GCP’s and to have image centers with accurate position with autel enterprise and precise Lidar surveys with DJI Matrice. I would like to collect terrain points with RS2 rover (with RTK correction from RS2 base) while the drones are in flight and receiving RTK corrections from RS2 Base


Ok, that makes sense. I have also been puzzled why they show two options for correction output, though only allowing one method at a time. Seems like it would be a good option for some workflows.

Hi Donato,

Thank you for the detailed description of your case. This is indeed a useful feature to have in such cases. I see that you have mentioned this feature to us before and would like to confirm that we have passed your case to our development team.

We’re looking at possible options for further firmware updates, but there are no ETAs at this time.


Thanks Olesia,
I always appreciate your dedication to the product and the customers who use it.
Have a good day, Donato.


Thank you for your kind words, Donato!

Please Correct me if i am wrong, but all the need that you mention is able to do by PPK method. So after you fly the drone, then you can collect point using stop n go and process the raw on Emlid Studio. Or you can do this before flying the drone

They certainly can be done in PPK but I got RTK drones to avoid PPK unless absolutely necessary!

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