RS2+ publishing corrections simultaneously via NTRIP and RADIO


Can an RS2+ configured to work as a base station publish corrections via NTRIP and Radio at the same time?

Thank you

Hi Josep,

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At the moment, it’s not possible to set this up. You may find more details here:

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Hi Liudmila,

Thank you, I couldn’t find any post related to this.

Would be very useful in my opinion to have this feature.

Just wanted to add that this is a feature I would appreciate as well. I am planning to mount an RS2 in a permanent position at a research plot and would be ideal to have the use of LoRa radio for nearby devices without internet and NTRIP for internet enabled devices in research plots further away or with poor line of sight. Not having to have someone interface with the RS2 and switch between LoRa or NTRIP depending on use case would be nice.


Hi Josep,

Sure, I’ve added your request as +1!

Hi @Hilux74,

Thanks for sharing your use case!

I can definitely see how this feature could be beneficial. I’ll pass this along to the development team for consideration.