Is Correction Streaming in multiple methods possible?


We are using EMLID Reach RS2 along with ReachView 3 app to set up the unit.

This unit will be used as a permanent correction base. To avoid any limitations, we were planning to stream the corrections through

  1. NTRIP (which requires SIM CARD and internet on both sides) and
  2. An external radio connected to the RS232 port.

However, the ReachView app seems to limit the correction output through one method at a time only. In other words, either NTRIP or TCP, or RS232.

Is there any way I can stream the correction through multiple methods at the same time? Or at least 2 (NTRIP and RS232)


Yes but not directly from the RS2.

If you send the corrections to the server program of Rtklib, you can split it as many ways as you like. But requires a computer.

You could also y the 232 transmit line and use one leg to feed an ntrip server the other a radio.

Thank you! This is helpful.

I didn’t quite get your last sentence…

You can tap the rs232 tx line to two devices. Not the regular way of doing things but it works if comms only flow one way.

Got you.

I just find it very strange that you can only choose one method at a time from the Correction Output tab. I don’t see why can’t the RS2 stream the correction to more than one method. RS2 is ready -hardware wise- to do such thing.

I really hope someone from EMLID support team can help us on this. A firmware update to add this feature will be very powerful.

We are planning to put this on top of a tower and give free access to different researchers/users. Some might have internet access on their rover while others might only use radio/LoRa etc…

I had asked for this as a feature request some time ago. I wanted to use the internal LoRa radio and RS232 to a 3rd party radio when running mixed rovers. They said they would consider it.

With my M2, I have put a T or a Y in the TX line of the M2 to LoRa cable and ran both radios that way. You could do the same thing on the RS232 port of the M2. T the TX line with one feeding your NTRIP and the other your external radio. Both have to be operating at the same baud rate etc.



It would just make so much sense if EMLID allows that through a firmware update. After all, the connection ports exist already. Using the existing ports at the same time reduces the cost and provides a very elegant and simple solution to transfer the corrections.

Not sure how to tag the EMLID support team here.

Hi Layth,

For now, there’s indeed no straightforward way to stream corrections through multiple methods simultaneously. However, I understand how beneficial it is if you share corrections with different users. I’ve passed your request to the team, and we’ll think about supporting it in the future.

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