Mobile data fails when logs full?


Emlid Reach RS2, I experienced an issue where the mobile data connection is lost when the logs get full. I had all three logging functions on, with rolling logs. Two RS2s lost their mobile data connection when the logs got full (red bar at the maximum on Logging page). I then deleted all logs, turned logging off (all three) and rebooted. After this everything works fine. What can be causing this? Firmware v2.24.2.


Hi Antti,

This seems rather strange that the mobile data reception is affected by the memory state. You can send the Full System Report to us on so that we take a closer look at it.

However, when the storage is full, the unit might indeed experience issues with the operation. That’s why we always suggest checking up space and clearing up the memory.


I have now sent both Full System Reports to



I’ve received your reports, thanks!

I thought that was what the rolling log feature should take care of ?

The rolling logs may stop when the memory is full. However, when there is no space to write the logs on the receiver, it may be difficult for it to accomplish different operations as well.

We’re always improving the way we handle the shortage of memory. So we’re currently checking out the reports that Antti shared with us.