Logs don't appear in the RV3

Hi, I can confirm some issues with the rolling logs on 4 Reach M2 which are all running v26 and continuously saving 1-hour RINEX (and ubx) files.

Once the memory is full, the system adequately deletes some old files to make room for newer files. However, it seems file compression may still fail and as a result the files do not appear in the list of logs on the browser app. It is still possible to recover the files that failed to compress in the /logs folder using any other method (ssh/ftp).

I haven’t experienced unrecoverable loss of log files so far though.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the report!

Would it be possible to share the Full System Report from two units so that we can check them? It’s better to share them with me in PM or via support@emlid.com as they contain sensitive information.

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